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The Widower (1999) HD online

The Widower (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Horror
Original Title: The Widower
Director: Marcus Rogers
Writers: Ed Kedzierski
Released: 1999
Duration: 1h 18min
Video type: Movie
Milton Smythe is unable to accept the unexpected death of his dearly beloved wife. Although she no longer moves or speaks, at least not out loud, Milton still hears her, he is determined to stay together. He knows, at least on some level, that his wife's rapidly deteriorating condition is becoming difficult to conceal and his efforts to keep things quiet are not going too smoothly. The pushy landlady forces her way into the apartment at the worst time, and his suspicious, foul mouthed sister-in-law keeps calling, getting more and more abusive. Milt's mounting anxiety, guilt and paranoia are causing him to experience hallucinations. Milton feels that he is being watched, and he is... When Milton's nosy neighbor, Mrs. Hirsch calls Detective Rind, it takes a lot of pestering to get any response. Detective Cliff Rind is a man who cares deeply about keeping his job free of complications. Rind and his rookie partner leisurely begin their investigation over coffee and donuts. Finally, when ...


Cast overview, first billed only:
Shawn Milsted Shawn Milsted - Milton
K. Ramona Orr K. Ramona Orr - Wife
Irene Miscisco Irene Miscisco - Mrs. Wutzernaim Hirsch / Flashback Nightclub Patron
Tim Trylinski Tim Trylinski - Det. Rind
Darren Andrichuk Darren Andrichuk - Partner (as Darren Andrichuck)
Jello Biafra Jello Biafra - Vance / Satan
Watermelon Watermelon - Landlady
June B. Wilde June B. Wilde - Grace
Ian Boothby Ian Boothby - Camera Shop Jerk
Ian Ross McDonald Ian Ross McDonald - Frank the Therapist
Scott Owen Scott Owen - Gas Jockey
Joe Keithley Joe Keithley - Bartender (as Joey 'Shithead' Keithley)
Pearce Visser Pearce Visser - Snotty Date
Kevin McBride Kevin McBride - Cabbie
Aaron Harrison Aaron Harrison - Junkie #1