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Departamento de soltero (1971) HD online

Departamento de soltero (1971) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Departamento de soltero
Director: René Cardona Jr.
Writers: Janet Alcoriza,Luis Alcoriza
Released: 1971
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Credited cast:
Eduardo Alcaraz Eduardo Alcaraz
Amador Bendayan Amador Bendayan
Ana María Bribiesca Ana María Bribiesca
Susana Cabrera Susana Cabrera
Yolanda Ciani Yolanda Ciani
Julián de Meriche Julián de Meriche
Mauricio Garcés Mauricio Garcés - Mauricio
Marta Yolanda González Marta Yolanda González
Ivonne Govea Ivonne Govea
Eva Muller Eva Muller
Carlos Nieto Carlos Nieto
Tito Novaro Tito Novaro
Enrique Pontón Enrique Pontón
Carlos Riquelme Carlos Riquelme
Letícia Robles Letícia Robles

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    Mauricio is a successful doctor and he has an apartment where he takes the girls to seduce them using his friend's name Luis.

    One fine day he decide to get married and rent the apartment to his friend Luis, an architect shorty and shy.

    Problems become when the former lovers starts to look for "Luis, the hunk" and found "Luis, the shorty"... Not every woman stops the search. "La Pantera" (The Panther) is the most passionate and looks for Luis, her "Lion" and won't stop until she finds him!

    Meanwhile, Mauricio has to live with his wife and stand his mother-in-law. His wife knows about his past and doubts begin to get into her mind. Trying to find out if Mauricio is cheating her she talks with Luis and everything get more and more complicated!

    Mauricio Garcés plays his usual character as a fancy playboy, not-that-smart, but very successful with women. He is THE Mexican playboy and you can see that in everything he does and say. Of course, he's a joke, but a very good one! Yolanda Varela as his wife is not just beautiful, but very funny.