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The Adventure of the Actress' Jewels (1914) HD online

The Adventure of the Actress' Jewels (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Mystery
Original Title: The Adventure of the Actressu0027 Jewels
Director: Charles M. Seay
Writers: Frederic Arnold Kummer
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Octavius had so much money that he hadn't the least notion what to do with it. At length he desired to become a detective. Shortly after his decision, large headlines appeared in the papers announcing to a credulous public that the jewels of Julia Vane, the famous actress, had been stolen. As a matter of tact. Miss Vane's jewels were safe in her jewelry box, but as her press agent wanted some advertising, and as news happened to be scarce, the headlines appeared. Fired with a chivalric impulse, Octavius proffered his services in the recovery of the missing jewelry. When Julia heard he was coming, she took the jewels out of her jewelry box and hid them. Since she was not exactly averse to publicity, she gladly accepted the aid of the amateur detective. Octavius put the servants through a rigorous cross examination, and left the apartment. On the way home a sudden thought struck him. He should have examined the jewelry box for finger prints. He stopped short and retraced his steps to ...
Cast overview:
Barry O'Moore Barry O'Moore - Octavius, the Amateur Detective
Clara Williams Clara Williams - Julia Vane

First release in Edison's 'Octavius, Amateur Detective' 1-reel series.

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    Mitars Riders

    This is the first of a series to be devoted to Octavius, amateur detective. The wonderful youth is something of a sissyboy, a burlesque character with just enough truth to "get over" and be funny. Yet the laughter is all at Octavius, never with him, and the humor that he furnishes is one of the picture's lesser assets. The best thing in this first picture is the good story, with excellent situations that are freshly amusing. It is ably acted throughout and kept alive with suspense. Barry O'Moore is the leading man; the producer is Charles M. Seay, and the author is Frederick Arnold Kummer. It pleased the audience markedly. - The Moving Picture World, January 31, 1914