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Drive (1991) HD online

Drive (1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Drive
Director: Jefery Levy
Writers: Jefery Levy,Colin MacLeod
Released: 1991
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
Famous Independent Film written, produced and directed by jefery levy, starring David Warner. Winner of numerous festival awards.
Credited cast:
Steve Antin Steve Antin - The Passenger
Dedee Pfeiffer Dedee Pfeiffer - The Girl
David Warner David Warner - The Driver

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    As I recall, this b&w, zero-budget film blew me away with its very strange and original premise. It's basically just two people, David Warner and some young guy, driving to their (different) computer jobs in So. Cal. Warner steals the show with his ruminations on life and his IBM vs. Apple monologue had me in stitches.