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Надоело целовать лягушек (2006) HD online

Надоело целовать лягушек (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Cansada de besar sapos
Director: Jorge Colón
Writers: Manuel Huici,Joaquín Bissner
Released: 2006
Budget: $2,100,000
Duration: 1h 35min
Video type: Movie
An unlucky-in-love graphic designer catches her boyfriend cheating on her and decides it's better to play the field than settle down.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ana Serradilla Ana Serradilla - Martha Zavala
José María de Tavira José María de Tavira - Javier Martin
Ana Layevska Ana Layevska - Andrea 'Andi'
Mónica Huarte Mónica Huarte - Daniela
Miguel Rodarte Miguel Rodarte - Joaquin
Itatí Cantoral Itatí Cantoral - Cecilia
Juan Manuel Bernal Juan Manuel Bernal - Roberto
Pedro Damián Pedro Damián - Polo
Julio Bracho Julio Bracho - Rafael
Carlos de la Mota Carlos de la Mota - Miguel
Alberto Guerra Alberto Guerra - Carlos
Antonio Gaona Antonio Gaona - Tizoc
Cristina Michaus Cristina Michaus - Dona Juana
Alicia Machado Alicia Machado - Carmen 'Cassandra'
Fernando Campo Fernando Campo - Pedro

Reviews: [11]

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    This is the first film I saw this year. I wanted to see this movie because the beautiful Ana Serradilla was in it and let me tell you something, she is indeed beautiful, the movie is NOT.

    The story is a very used story about a heartbroken girl who dates a lot of men until he finds the man of her dreams right at her nose. As I don't like to give spoilers that's all I'm going to say about the plot, that is not awesome but is a decent history.

    Miguel Rodarte's character is wasted, I mean he is a great actor that plays a gay man in this film, but he could do a lot more there wasn't enough writing for him.

    Technically this film really sucks, the editing is not bad, it is worse than bad, I can't believe that this kind of editing goes to the movie theaters, I have seen freshmen who edit better than this, you can actually see some takes during a sequence that are filmed in different days or different time, you can say that after the sunlight.

    If you want to see a good Mexican movie please don't see this one, if you don't care about the technical aspects of film-making then watch it.
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    It was a huge disappointment to see this film.

    The plot is so predictable, they use all the stereotypes that fit in the characters and all the available clichés to make a very obvious story.

    The soundtrack is a compilation of love songs, and you listen to them all the time, due to the lack of a good story they use the songs to "guide" the viewer into the plot. About on a half of the movie, the only thing that you listen is a love song, one minute dialogues, and then another love song. Hard to stand after an hour.

    I won't deny that I had a couple of laughs, but the suffering was bigger than that.

    This film had a lot of advertising in Mexico, and maybe for the average T.V. viewer perception this is not such a bad movie. But I dare you, my friends, to tell me that it deserves more than a 2.

    Excuse my English ;-)
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    It's a very nice Latino romantic comedy, fun, enjoyable, and touchy. (And believe me, I never liked romantic comedies before done by Mexican filmmakers) but this one is fresh, great acting, charming, very well directed and the production values are excellent. Never heard about this director before but it's obvious that his background is from advertising. Never saw an Mexico City so beautiful. I really enjoyed it and also it's fresh...I am tired of Latino films about drugs, gangs, thieves, rapes, immigration ... Latinos have ten thousands more positive stories, and this is one of them. (Especially that it makes fun of the macho men).
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    I thought this film was great. Being use to flashy Hollywood films, I caught this movie during Christmas vacation. I absolutely loved it. The acting was good, the storyline was interesting. I felt like this was the story of someone I knew or maybe even something that could happen to me. Very real and entertaining to the last minute. The soundtrack was phenomenal. I recommend this movie and thanks to this experience will now make a better effort to support Mexican films. I was pleasantly surprised by Ana's versatily and credibility in the supporting role. I only knew her as a soap opera actress. PLease go see this movie. It's great for a girls night out, a first date or just on your own.
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    Well, it is difficult to give this movie a dissected look, even tho it is quite fragmented.

    You see, one can't hope for a well woven story when filming was accidentally driven for more than three directors and a long shoot, a crappy exec producer and a greedy distributor (but hey what's new about that?).

    Everything falls apart, the sound is awfully mixed, the photography carried out just like a recently grad student, Editing looses the audience, production quality hopes to get saved by a few shots abroad, in short, the execs apparently just gave up and tried to cut their losses.

    I strongly advise you to look the other way and grab another flick.
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    We all know that Mexican film industry produce a lot, but sometimes is hard to watch a lot of those movies because they are not commercial. Now "Cansada de Besar Sapos" is the chosen one to exhibit on movie theaters.

    "Cansada de Besar Sapos" tells the story of a girl tired of being cheated to by her boyfriend, the girl is Martha (Ana Serradilla) a interior designer. So she decides to search for mr. right now in the web, and become a "hombreriega".

    She could've been a portrayal of a very strong woman, but the director (or maybe someone else) chooses to settle for the "fairy tale version" of this story.

    It is a funny movie, but you have a very recently example of another Mexican movie called "Asi del precipicio", a little more daring to show a girl reality in this country (and a bit more entertaining, I have to say).

    Ana Serradilla has star potential. But the surprise is Miguel Rodarte in "another gay role", I hope to see more of this actor in better roles. And also kudos for the art direction and the soundtrack, both, excellent.

    An enjoyable movie.
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    Every time I watch a romantic comedy I feel like a part of my brain has died. This one is so good it made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to find one of those guys that you would follow to a different continent.

    I wasn't expecting Oscar worthy acting or script, so I only tried to enjoy what was there, it serves its purpose, it gives you this happy giddy feeling that some of this witty stories gives you, the hope of a real love and that romanticism is what every girl wants *BTW we don't*.

    Martha is what every girl, who finally understand that having someone next to you is not a life plan but a serendipity, she's funny, sweet, and interesting, her acting helps not only to the story but adds to the comedy and drama, there's no chance this movie would be this good without her as the lead character.

    Jose Maria Tavira is an actor I haven't seen often, actually never noticed him *not even in my dad's "telenovelas"* there's this Je ne se quoi that makes him sexy, there's a lot to laugh of and to think about.

    The last scene is what bought me, until that scene when she finds him I was sure it was just another Rom-com, that was a waste of my scarce free time, but then... I was smiling and filled with this warm feeling I heard this movies are supposed to give you.

    I recommend this movie *odd as it is because I tend to trash this gender* for those who need a little help to feel better and at ease with themselves after a break-up, and to those who already understood being single is not the end of the world.
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    With another poor year for the Mexican film industry quality and creativity, I would risk to take this movie and bring it to the recommendations board on its category.

    I knew little about Ana Serradilla but I have to admit that she offers a sweet performance that gives a fresh and tender touch to this comedy; Another remarkable hit is brought by Miguel Rodarte behind a gay character that makes his appearances funny and very enjoyable.

    The story itself is not very propositive but it's a soft romantic comedy that accomplishes having you in front of the screen with a constant smile and enjoying a great time. Isn't that one of "going to the movies" goals?
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    This is one of the best Mexican movies I've seen if not the best.

    It's a great funny story in which all girls can identify with, we can relate to any of the characters and I'm sure we've all dreamed on becoming "manazers" even if we don't have the guts to do so, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to go and live the magic of getting into the movie.

    The music is great on each scene, the script develops perfectly, and it catches you from the beginning all the way to the end. I totally loved Monica Huarte's performance!

    I've seen it several times and still find it attractive.

    I give it a 10.
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    To be honest, I didn't expect much from this movie. It was over-hyped received lots of media attention. Now, not to be disrespectful with Mexican cinema but most Romantic Comedies from the past years have been total crap. Huge crap. So my expectations were minimal.

    I was correct in the first minutes. The movie was pretentious, it displayed a part of Mexican society that only exists in movies or in the rich class, it had clichèd characters, and crappy humor. I thought I was watching another novela or something like that.

    To my surprise and delight, the movie took an interesting direction towards the first half. The situations turned entertaining and with good humor. Yes, the technical values are not the best but still are candy for the eye. The direction is fast paced and has some decent camera angles. I mean, this does not look like a novela at least!

    Ana Serradilla is not a conventional beauty but she's very beautiful, sexy, charming, tender... and she delivers a fun, sexy, believable performance. She was funny but she also displayed great dramatic features when she had to cry, for example. She stole the show. I didn't know she was such a good actress. The rest of the cast is also very good although some actors are directly taken from novelas. Good job from Ana Layevska who is a fine actress with a sassy attitude.

    So if you are into the mood to have a good time with your girlfriend, watch this movie and you will see, believe me, she will be very happy with it. The ending is also great and will probably make your girl cry.

    Although I'm a huge obsessed Horror fan, I enjoyed "Cansada De Besar Sapos". One of the best Romantic Comedies from the new era of Mexican cinema.

    This is a fun movie with sexy bits and a charming plot.
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    I think this movie was pretty good and I really loved the character of Ana Serradilla's friend and the character of Miguel Rodarte. The music selection for this movie was very appropriate. There was some moments when De la Mota's character was really lazy and stupid. He didn't accomplished the goal of a good actor, but if we forget him the movie was GREAT AND VERY FUNNY!!! I do recommend this movie and I'm hoping a second part. The Movie Was Great and i'm truly madly deeply in loved with Ana Eurodollar. This is the first time that i write a comment for this page and hopefully i'll write lots of comments for every one of you people!!! Saludos!!