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A Cup of Coffee (2014) HD online

A Cup of Coffee (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Biography / History
Original Title: A Cup of Coffee
Director: Cody Broadway
Writers: Cody Broadway
Released: 2014
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
What is the American Dream? In this film one man is in search of that dream, but faces many difficult task along the way. This is a four year journey, that takes you inside the life of Cambodian native Toro Vaun. Through the good times and the hard times, Vaun continues to fight on and inspires people around him one 'Cup of Coffee' at a time.


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    Amazing short film! Tells the story of the American dream. Starting from nothing, and rising to the top. Very well produced. Production quality is great. Director Cody Broadway does a fantastic job of telling the story of his subject, while keeping the viewer interested and on the edge of their seat. Also a film that hits home with a viewer of any age. Really found the film motivating, and uplifting. If you get a chance to see this film, DO IT! You will not regret it! Even the trailer is well produced to show just the right amount of the film that draws the viewer in, all while capturing the emotional vibe of the film. Overall a great film!