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The Power Within (1979) HD online

The Power Within (1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Fantasy
Original Title: The Power Within
Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
Writers: William Clark,Edward J. Lakso
Released: 1979
Duration: 1h 14min
Video type: Movie
A young man (Art Hindle) suffers a lightning strike on a dark and stormy night. Instead of dying, he absorbs the lightning's electrical energy into his body, losing consciousness. He awakens in a hospital, only to learn that the accident changed both his body and his life, as he knew it, forever. Now he can discharge electricity from his body at will. The government coerces the young man into becoming an operative, and his handler gives him a wristwatch that is not really a wristwatch, but rather is a device that allows him to control precisely his electrical discharges. The hook is that now that the lightning strike "charged" his body, he has no choice but to re-charge the electrical energy stored in his body on a regular basis, or he will die.
Cast overview:
Art Hindle Art Hindle - Chris Darrow
Edward Binns Edward Binns - Gen. Tom Darrow
Joseph Rassulo Joseph Rassulo - Bill Camelli (as Joe Rassulo)
Eric Braeden Eric Braeden - Stephens
David Hedison David Hedison - Danton
Susan Howard Susan Howard - Dr. Joanne Miller
Dick Sargent Dick Sargent - Capt. Ed Holman (as Richard Sargent)
Karen Lamm Karen Lamm - Marvalee
Ysabel MacCloskey Ysabel MacCloskey - Grandma
K.C. Martel K.C. Martel - Small Boy
Chris Wallace Chris Wallace - Guard #1
Bill Sorrells Bill Sorrells - Guard #2
John Dennis John Dennis - Rancher

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    I remember this film. I was a Senior in High school. It was an okay pilot. With a little polish, I think it would have made a pretty good series. The real star of the show was Art Scholl's (RIP) Super Chipmunk stunt plane. I suspect that Mr. Scholl performed the stunts for the show. Since the show was on ABC, it seems that he may have done some contract work for them as the plane also appeared in an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man at about the same time.

    The premise was a bit weak, but I believe in time it could have shaped up. It seems that ABC did a number of pilots in this fashion hoping for audience approval, I guess. Charlie's Angels was one of the few that sold, as did Starsky and Hutch.

    I gave it an 8 because it had one of the best stunt planes ever built and did demonstrate some good stunts.
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    4 years before we gasped as Emperor Palpatine emitted Force Lightning from his hands onto poor old Luke Skywalker, this little gem came and went with a lead character who could do the same thing.

    The premise was simple.. guy gets struck by lightning and instead of being fried, absorbs the electrical current and soon after discovers he can shoot lightning from his hands. The only other thing I recall is he is given a wrist watch of sorts to control this ability and has to recharge or he'll cop it. Of course he could use this ability to fight crime for some organization somewhere, and this pilot proposed he do just that.

    I remember bits of it vividly, but the rest is now a distant memory and by the looks of it, will probably stay that way as aside from this IMDb entry, there is sadly no sign of it ever seeing the light of day again.

    I enjoyed it immensely when I was 6, and would love to see it again now to see if it lives up to how I remembered it, and to be able to give it a fair score. Hopefully whoever did make it will one day dust it off and put it out there somewhere. To this day it is the only thing i've remembered from childhood that I haven't found a clip of ANYWHERE, not even YouTube. Maybe an old VHS rip will show up eventually. It may have failed as a pilot, but doesn't deserve to be lost for all time.