» » Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen (2015)

Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen (2015) HD online

Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: Stefan heeft een Ster gevangen
Director: Michiel ten Kleij
Writers: Michiel ten Kleij
Released: 2015
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
Stefan is a 9-year old little boy who has a lot of adventures. The only thing is, they're all in his imagination. Stefan actually grows up with divorcing parents and uses this imagination as a form of escapism from his home situation. In his imagination he catches a shooting star in a glass jar and is intrigued by it. With a little help from his teacher Stefan sets out on another adventure to discover who or what the star is. When the Star leads him to the observatory and lets him peer into the telescope, he sees something that only he can prevent...
Credited cast:
Niek Schoemaker Niek Schoemaker - Stefan
Brent Schoemaker Brent Schoemaker - Stefan
Tina de Bruin Tina de Bruin - Sara (mother)
Kenan Raven Kenan Raven - Leo (father)
Lore Dijkman Lore Dijkman - Ouder Ster (voice)
Michel Sluysmans Michel Sluysmans - Ouder Ster (voice)
Indy van Zijl Indy van Zijl - Ster
Renate Schutte Renate Schutte - Carina (teacher)

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    Ttexav refuge and as only realistic exploration of reality. As source of answers. And as seed for understand yourself. The film has the huge virtue to give the perfect tone about a delicate theme. A young lead actor who must be defined as amazing. A family crisis who is presented in its basic, fundamental traits. And a slice, a beautiful slice of fairy tale. The end is perfect . And the aura of childhood works in impecable manner. That is all. And it is enough for pure, authentic emotions and for a trip across the stars., in the heart of the world of Stefan.