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Tashi Tashi and the Genie (2014– ) HD online

Tashi Tashi and the Genie (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation
Original Title: Tashi and the Genie
Director: Marc Wasik
Writers: Sam Meikle
Released: 2014–
Duration: 12min
Video type: TV Episode
When a lazy genie is released into Tashi's village Tiki Pu swoops in and wishes to be the ruler of all the land. With an enraged ex-Warlord on their tails, Tashi and Jack must convince the genie to reverse the wish - But only if they do something for him first.
Episode credited cast:
Althea Aseoche Althea Aseoche - Little Sister and Villager (voice)
James Buckingham James Buckingham - Tashi (voice)
Charlotte Rose Hamlyn Charlotte Rose Hamlyn - Third Aunt, Mama Kraken and Bubbles the Parrot (voice)
Jacqueline Marriott Jacqueline Marriott - Lotus Blossom and Monkey Princess (voice)
Tin Pang Tin Pang - Can Du / Tiki Pu / Village / Guard (voice)
Cam Ralph Cam Ralph - The Warlord / Giant / Azgrog the Ogre / Demon / Captain Bluebeard / Sky Pirate Captain / Much To Learn / Villager / Bandit (voice)
Dan Russell Dan Russell - The Baron, Wise-As-An-Owl, Genie, Ah Chu, Me Too, Second Uncle, Rock Gablin and Sir Knight (voice)
Emma Tate Emma Tate - Grandma / Baba Yaga / Little Giant / Granny White Eyes / Warlord's Mother / Bandit Chieftess / Yugala / Demon Mother (voice)
Leon Williams Leon Williams - Jack (voice)