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Le retour des veuves (1980) HD online

Le retour des veuves (1980) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult / Comedy
Original Title: Le retour des veuves
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert
Released: 1980
Duration: 1h 24min
Video type: Movie
Complete credited cast:
Serena Serena
Jean-Pierre Armand Jean-Pierre Armand
Gérard Grégory Gérard Grégory - Philippe Dubois (as Gregory)
Sophie Duflot Sophie Duflot - Brunette stripper
Marie-Thérèse Da Silva Marie-Thérèse Da Silva - Blonde stripper (as Terry)
Brigitte Lahaie Brigitte Lahaie - Madeleine
Danièle Azzalini Danièle Azzalini - Odile (as Daniele David)
Dominique Saint Claire Dominique Saint Claire - Elise
Élisabeth Buré Élisabeth Buré - Madeleine (as Birgit Regine)

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    The original VEUVES EN CHALEUR was a bona fide box office bonanza in its native France but in fact far from an outstanding achievement in the porn field, pretty much average for director Claude-Bernard Aubert aka "Burd Tranbaree", Mr Middle of the Road himself. It never strayed beyond its initial gimmick of having an opportunistic youth (the somewhat irritating Charlie Schreiner) use the newspaper obituaries as a source for sex-starved widows.

    At least the sequel throws in a genuinely offbeat idea or two and has two considerably more appealing male leads in Jean-Pierre Armand (looking ridiculously fresh-faced with an ill-advised perm) and Gregory, actually future fornication filmmaker Gérard Gregory who made a couple of seriously sexy sleepers worthy of rediscovery such as ADOLESCENTES AU PENSIONNAT and L'EDUCATRICE. The story's basically identical to the first flick with the added twist of having the widows frequently outsmarting their 'predators' plus an enigmatic third (female) lead, post mistress and part-time chambermaid (don't ask, it almost makes sense...) Madeleine, portrayed by the radiant Elisabeth Buret (unforgettable in Claude Bernard-Aubert's DROIT DE CUISSAGE), the real star of this film, despite it being hyped as another Brigitte Lahaye vehicle. While mega star Brigitte's back to back gropes are excellent value indeed, it's the final sequence involving both males, Buret and lovely US superstar Serena mixing Aubert's twin erotic obsessions (widows and newly weds) that elevate this charming little trifle to near classic status.
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    you secret

    Sequel to VEUVES EN CHALEUR. So... It's obligatory less good than the first one and a little bit boring and not very exciting in fact!

    But the beautiful Lahaie did it again. Horny as possible, her scene steal the movie entirely. Just watch it if you're a fan of the beautiful actress... Nonetheless only if you're nothing else to do...