» » Unter weissen Segeln Frühlingsgefühle (2004–2006)

Unter weissen Segeln Frühlingsgefühle (2004–2006) HD online

Unter weissen Segeln Frühlingsgefühle (2004–2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode
Original Title: Frühlingsgefühle
Director: Erwin Keusch
Writers: Thomas Hernadi,Rudolf Jürschik
Released: 2004–2006
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: TV Episode
Captain Jensen's cruise yacht sails to the Caribbean. The only passenger turning up for his historical lecture on the ship's military model, the Preussen, is a descendant of its last captain. Salsa dance instructor Martin's foot injury requires improvised staff switches. Berthold Reimers and Karl Stegmann, a bachelor and a widower, with opposite characters, who always go on holiday together, find their lifelong friendship rocked by fellow passenger Andrea Ludwig, left alone on board. Art dealer Manfred Unger booked for himself and Andrea Ludwig, but he has higher business priorities.
Episode complete credited cast:
Johanna von Koczian Johanna von Koczian - Gerda Burmeester
Diana Körner Diana Körner - Andrea Ludwig
Dietrich Mattausch Dietrich Mattausch - Karl Stegmann
Walter Kreye Walter Kreye - Berthold Reimers
Gerit Kling Gerit Kling - Saskia
Horst Janson Horst Janson - Bernd Jensen
Krystian Martinek Krystian Martinek - Manfred Unger
Ivonne Schönherr Ivonne Schönherr - Lisa
Esther Seibt Esther Seibt - Kerstin
Roman Rossa Roman Rossa - Martin