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Bat Masterson Dakota Showdown (1958–1961) HD online

Bat Masterson Dakota Showdown (1958–1961) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Dakota Showdown
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writers: Richard O'Connor,Don Brinkley
Released: 1958–1961
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
In 1889 Bat is asked by the his friend the Sheriff of Buckhorn, Wyoming for help with the Dakota Boys from the Black Hills. Bat arrives in town to find a wreath on the Sheriff's office due to his death at the hands of the Dakota cousins. The head of the city Harry Cassidy wants Bat to take the Sheriff's job but Bat has no interest but a run in with Danny Dakota along with the actions of his girlfriend Francie Wallace gives Bat an idea. Francie vows that Danny Dakota has no involvement in the actions of the outlaws and she despises the other cousins. Bat asks Cassidy for the power to name a Sheriff who Bat will support. As he expects no one volunteers for the job so he names his choice - Francie. Although she doesn't want the job, Bat pushes her into it saying it will save Danny's life. After reading about her new job, the Dakota cousins believe she will make them deputies allowing them to take over Buckhorn. Bat has other ideas for Danny as the cousins decide to take out Bat.
Episode complete credited cast:
Gene Barry Gene Barry - Bat Masterson
James Best James Best - Danny Dakota
Kasey Rogers Kasey Rogers - Francie Wallace
James Seay James Seay - Harry Cassidy
Tom Gilson Tom Gilson - Jocko Dakota
Quentin Sondergaard Quentin Sondergaard - Jeb Dakota
Les Hellman Les Hellman - Gus Dakota