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Happy Days Football Frolics (1974–1984) HD online

Happy Days Football Frolics (1974–1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family / Music
Original Title: Football Frolics
Director: Jerry Paris
Writers: Garry Marshall,James Ritz
Released: 1974–1984
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
In order to earn money for a football game, Richie, Ralph & Potsie decide to baby sit 15 kids at the same time. Including a streetwise boy named Booker Brown (provided by LaVerne & Shirley). Fonz has a stand-off with a bratty kid named Myron and then the kids lose control,leading Fonzie to call in a "professional"...Spike!
Episode cast overview:
Ron Howard Ron Howard - Richie Cunningham
Henry Winkler Henry Winkler - Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli
Marion Ross Marion Ross - Marion Cunningham
Anson Williams Anson Williams - Potsie Weber
Don Most Don Most - Ralph Malph (as Donny Most)
Erin Moran Erin Moran - Joanie Cunningham
Tom Bosley Tom Bosley - Howard Cunningham
Cindy Williams Cindy Williams - Shirley Feeney
Pat Morita Pat Morita - Arnold
Penny Marshall Penny Marshall - Laverne DeFazio
Danny Butch Danny Butch - Spike
Kristoff St. John Kristoff St. John - Booker Brown (as Christoff St. John)

At the beginning of the show, Mr. Cunningham, Richie, Ralph, Potsie and Fonzie are watching an NFL game between the (Chicago) Bears and the (Chicago) Cardinals. They debate about putting in the Bears quarterback, George Blanda, and Richie says he thinks George Blanda has "a couple good years" left in him to play football. The joke in this situation is that this particular game was played in the 1956 season, with Blanda having already played in 8 NFL seasons, yet George Blanda was still playing in the NFL in 1975, two decades after the setting for this episode. George Blanda played for the Oakland Raiders during the 1975 season and the Raiders season/Blanda's career ended with a loss in the NFL playoffs two weeks before this episode aired on television.

$20 in 1956 dollars is the equivalent to $176.60 in 2016 dollars.

The main reason for the return of Laverne and Shirley for this episode is that their new show debuted directly following. Creator Gary Marshall wanted to reacquaint audiences to the girls before Lavern and Shirley began.