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Danger Man Not So Jolly Roger (1964–1967) HD online

Danger Man Not So Jolly Roger (1964–1967) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Not So Jolly Roger
Director: Don Chaffey
Writers: Tony Williamson,Ralph Smart
Released: 1964–1967
Duration: 51min
Video type: TV Episode
An abandoned war-time sea installation over three miles from shore has been taken over under maritime law by a man who now uses it to run a pirate radio station. Being outside the three-mile limit prevents the authorities from shutting the station down or prosecuting for unlicensed broadcasting. However, the pirate radio station is only a front for other, more nefarious activities.
Episode complete credited cast:
Patrick McGoohan Patrick McGoohan - John Drake
Edwin Richfield Edwin Richfield - Marco Janson
Wilfrid Lawson Wilfrid Lawson - Corrigan
Lisa Daniely Lisa Daniely - Linda Janson
Trisha Noble Trisha Noble - Susan Wade (as Patsy Ann Noble)
Andrew Faulds Andrew Faulds - Mullins
Jon Rollason Jon Rollason - Summers
Christopher Sandford Christopher Sandford - Andrews
John Tate John Tate - Fisherman

DJ Johnny Drake's final disc to be spun is "He Who Rides A Tiger" by Patsy Ann Noble. This is another name for Trisha Noble, who appears in the edition as Susan Wade. The record is genuine, and was released in June 1965.

Series composer Edwin Astley gets a namecheck when Susan Wade plays "a new one from Ted Astley."

The exterior footage of the Jolly Roger was shot at Red Sands Fort, offshore from Whitstable. The rig had been home to genuine pirate stations Radio Invicta and KING Radio, and at the time of shooting was used for broadcasting by final occupants Radio 390 (named after their broadcasting frequency). The imposing structure, built in 1943 as one of the three Thames Estuary Maunsell Forts (WWII anti-aircraft defense installations) was later used by the Doctor Who (1963) team for their 1968 story "Fury From the Deep".

Director Don Chaffey was stricken with acute appendicitis within an hour of setting foot on Red Sands Fort, where the exteriors were shot.

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    Tony Williamson's 'Not So Jolly Roger' was one of the last 'Danger Man' episodes made, and also one of the best. Andrews ( Christopher Sandford ), a disc jockey for Radio Jolly Roger, is murdered whilst sending an urgent message to London. John Drake ( Patrick McGoohan ) arrives by boat to take his place. It is run by Marco Jansen ( Edwin Richfield ) and his wife ( Lisa Daniely ). Drake discovers the station is passing stolen military secrets to the Russians. The playing of Strauss' 'Blue Danube' acts as a signal to a submarine. His cover blown, Drake is confronted by the brawny Mullins ( Andrew Faulds ). The fight ends with our hero falling from a great height into the sea...

    The setting of a pirate radio station makes this a very ( for the time anyway ) topical story ( we will overlook the fact that Drake is rather too old to be a D.J. ). The episode is made more effective by being filmed on an abandoned World War 2 sea fort. Marco admits he never bought the place, but claimed it under maritime law. I did not recognise the songs used, but they sound good!

    Among the cast are Wilfrid Lawson as a perpetually inebriated cook, and Patsy Ann Noble ( later to move to the States and change her name to 'Trisha' ) looks great in a woollen sweater as disc jockey 'Susan Wade'. Her song 'He Who Rides A Tiger' is heard at the beginning and end. 'Mullins' a.k.a. the late Andrew Faulds, later became a Labour M.P.!

    Incidentally, 'Storm Over Rockall', a 1965 'Danger Man' novel by W.Howard Baker, also features skulduggery on a pirate radio station, but the two are unconnected.
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    "Not So Jolly Roger" is an odd film in that it's based on an off-shore base that was created during WWII by the Brits. Some folks are using it as a pirate radio station, but apparently it's not just to slip it into the UK without licensing worries but because someone is using it to broadcast secrets to nearby enemy subs. Unfortunately, the last agent working there was caught and killed--so Drake has to be really convincing when he gets a job there as a disc jockey.

    The best thing going for this one is the unusual locale as well as the interesting plot. But it also helps that Drake meets a woman I love. She's not only pretty but she's got spunk and is one tough lady! Overall, quite enjoyable and one of the better episodes.
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    The mood and imagery from this memorable episode stayed with me from my youth (when I saw it, and didn't know what was going on) until the present day. Watch the credits at the end, thanking the true Pirate Radio Station at the location, for their assistance. Bang on the internet and learn about that Pirate Radio station. The story has a terrific premise, plot line and character development. There is something bittersweet about this installment. It opens with Drake boating his way to the water-bound station. The mind behind that face is already thinking of The Prisoner. The DJ music is mostly made-up stuff, slapped together by the ITC music team. Watch for ironic word-plays in the music. Trisha Noble, (patsy ann noble), who plays the lady DJ, gets to air her catchy hit, "He, Who Rides a Tiger". Somewhere online, a letter from McGoohan to a fan recounts how the director fell ill, and McGoohan had to wrap up the filming. A portent of something excellent just over the Horizon. After this episode, DM transitions to season 4 (if you count the short ones as season 1). Only 2 episodes were filmed for season 4, in color, and something is missing. Ralph Smart is no longer producer, he is merely credited as the creator. McGooham resigns and The Prisoner is born. So I watch this episode, "Not So Jolly Roger," with a moody farewell on the tip of my tongue.