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Ben Casey Legacy from a Stranger (1961–1966) HD online

Ben Casey Legacy from a Stranger (1961–1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Legacy from a Stranger
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writers: James E. Moser,Jack Laird
Released: 1961–1966
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Episode cast overview:
Vince Edwards Vince Edwards - Dr. Ben Casey (as Vincent Edwards)
Sam Jaffe Sam Jaffe - Dr. David Zorba
Harry Landers Harry Landers - Dr. Ted Hoffman
Jeanne Bates Jeanne Bates - Miss Wills
Nick Dennis Nick Dennis - Nick Kanavaras
Steven Hill Steven Hill - Ollie Burdick
Janet Margolin Janet Margolin - Illyana Trivas
Helen Westcott Helen Westcott - Wilma Burdick (as Hellena Westcott)
Judson Laire Judson Laire - Joseph Maxwell
Bernard Kates Bernard Kates - Dr. Kirschner
Rudy Solari Rudy Solari - Dr. Agnew
David Fresco David Fresco - Anton Trivas
Stafford Repp Stafford Repp - Policeman
Jack Kosslyn Jack Kosslyn - Collection Agent

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    ****SPOILERS**** With his beloved neighborhood laundromat that he worked so long & hard for 12 years about to be foreclosed and his teenage daughter Illyana, Janet Margolin, about to leave him Anton Trivas, David Fresco, in a desperate move insures his business for more then its worth and then set off a powerful, as powerful enough to take down an entire city block, explosive and blows himself to smithereens. The big mistake that Alton made is that it ended up blinding his daughter Illyana who came running to his aid. Hospitalized and slated to live out her life in total darkness Illyana soon get a green light of hope in the soon to be executed and badly wounded, from his latest prison bake, cop killer Ollie Burdick, Steven Hill, a patient at the hospital comes up with this idea to donate his eyes, that are prefect 20/20 vision,!to her. That's after he's back on his feet and well enough to be executed by the state.

    Dr. Ben Casey, Vince Edwards, who's looking after both Illyana & Burdick, thinks it's a great idea for Burdick to donate his two good eyes to Illyana since after he's executed he won't have any use for them anyway.It's later that the mischievous Burdick's decides to string along Dr. Casey as well as Illyana who's now content, in how rotten she was to her late father, to be blind for the rest of her life just for his own sick vengeful, against the entire civilized world, pleasures. Which makes things a bit difficult for Dr. Casey to handle.

    ****SPOILERS**** With all the seesaw actions involving the eyes, in either Brudick does or he don't donate them, situation the final ending to this Ben Casey episode is a bit bittersweet for everyone involved:Dr. Casey Illyana & cop killer Burdick. Dr. Casey gets Illyana her sight back and best of all Ollie Burdick, against his lawyer's advice, get his wish in being executed but****MAJOR SPOILERS****the eyes that Illyana gets for her to be able to see the world again, by the way who was paying for them?, wasn't Oillie Burdick's! Go figure that one out! P.S check out actor Stafford Repp as the kind gentle and understanding, in all the garbage that he puts up with from the taunting cop killer Burdick, "Fatso the Cop". It's Repp who later tragically died at the age of 56, even though he looked a lot older, of a massive heart attack at the Hollywood Racetrack on November 5, 1974 while trying to catch a winner in him desperately reading or studying the Daily Racing Form.