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Dead to Rights II (2005) HD online

Dead to Rights II (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action
Original Title: Dead to Rights II
Director: Pierre Roux
Writers: Tony Chiu,Andre Emerson
Released: 2005
Video type: Video Game
Dead to Rights 2 signifies the return of cop Jack Slate and his sidekick dog Shadow. The bullet-time action game is a sequel to the popular 2002 game Dead to Rights


Credited cast:
Anthony Royer Anthony Royer
Adrienne Wilkinson Adrienne Wilkinson - Ruby (voice)

Reviews: [3]

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    I can't say this is a great game...but I can say that its so bad, its good...know what I mean. It is absolutely hilarious. Jack - the main character fighting crime with his ridiculous side kick Ruby the stripper (and she fights crime in her red thong!). Jack even has a stripper pole on his motorcycle so that Ruby can dance as they are riding down the highway...I mean, how hilarious is that!! The duologue is just like the animation - so bad its good and really (unintentionally) funny. I have played this game several times, and I've gotten many friends hooked on the experience! Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
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    The storyline begins with Jack investigating the kidnapping of a judge after finding the judge he's killed and you and your sidekick Ruby follow leads and crack a safe containing the judge's files on the mafia. After you get passed the level where you get the judge's files the storyline switches and you try to kill the mafia after they kidnap and kill your sidekick. The graphics are better then the first the controls can be tricky to master at first because you have to push multiple buttons at once, but after awhile it gets easier they take the mini games out of this game and you just kill people and advance through out various levels and good selection of weapons however if you're looking for a game that's more challenging this is not for you, but hat's just my opinion.
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    I like the first game and I really do but this one needs some more time to make. WARNING: THIS MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS: This is about when Jack Slate and his dog Shadow have to find the judge of Grant City after being kidnapped. With Slate's girlfriend Ruby is helping him along the way. Here is the good things about it and the bad things about it. The good things that it a different storyline and the graphics of the game has somewhat improved from the first game. The bad things about it is the cut-scenes are awful, the talent from Jack Slate and everyone else is bad, Jack steals off quotes off of great movies all most every time he kills somebody and those are Pulp Fiction, Commando, and more, and the game was short. I hope to the viewers out here with not get this game and stick with the first game


    I give this 1/10