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Against Their Will (2018) HD online

Against Their Will (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Against Their Will
Director: Margus Aru
Writers: Margus Aru
Released: 2018
Budget: €3,000
Video type: Movie
Girl with a passion for singing fights for her freedom against the school system. Her father promises to think about the situation and help her daughter, but the next morning out of habit he forces her to go to school again. Girl does not show up after school. Father understands his mistake and goes to find her, but it's too late. He finds her daughter on the bank coast dead. He wakes up from his dream and realized it was a warning sign from Spirit. He allows her daughter to not go to school and be homeschooled. Girl sings happily a song with her dad.
Cast overview:
Mirjam Aru Mirjam Aru - Daughter
Margus Aru Margus Aru - Dad
Helena Aru Helena Aru - Younger daughter