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The Woodsman (2016) HD online

The Woodsman (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Musical
Original Title: The Woodsman
Director: David Horn
Writers: L. Frank Baum,James Ortiz
Released: 2016
Video type: Movie
Based on the beloved writings of L. Frank Baum, The Woodsman, an imaginative retelling of the origins of Oz's Tin Woodsman, is the story of the Tin Man, the woman he loved, and the witch that would stop at nothing to keep them apart.
Credited cast:
Benjamin Bass Benjamin Bass - Kalidah / Munchkin
William Gallacher William Gallacher - Pa / Tinker
Alex J. Gould Alex J. Gould - Tinker / Munchkin
Amanda A. Lederer Amanda A. Lederer - The Witch
Lauren Nordvig Lauren Nordvig - The Witch
James Ortiz James Ortiz - Nick Chopper
Eliza Simpson Eliza Simpson - Nimmee
Meghan St. Thomas Meghan St. Thomas - Munchkin
Sophia Zukoski Sophia Zukoski - The Witch / Munchkin

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    Wonderful telling of the woodsman's story and it just goes to prove that words are never needed in good theater