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Weird But True Sounds Good (2016– ) HD online

Weird But True Sounds Good (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Family
Original Title: Sounds Good
Director: Brandon Gulish
Writers: Charlie Engelman
Released: 2016–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Charlie and Kirby visit an anechoic chamber billed as the quietest room in the world and spend time in it, adjusting to it. Also, they learn sound is measured in frequency, or how low or high pitch it is and in decibels, its loudness.
Episode credited cast:
Charlie Engelman Charlie Engelman - Himself - Host
Kirby Engelman Kirby Engelman - Herself - Host

The ear contains the 3 smallest bones in your body and together they can fit in an orange seed.

In anechoic chambers, you can start to hear your own joints in movement.

Premature babies gained more weight if they listened to Mozart.

Jet engines rate at about 150 decibels.