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Jonathan Pie: Live! (2017) HD online

Jonathan Pie: Live! (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy
Original Title: Jonathan Pie: Live!
Writers: Andrew Doyle,Tom Walker
Released: 2017
Duration: 1h 5min
Video type: Creative Work
Jonathan Pie, the irate news reporter comes to the Hammersmith Apollo for a night of blistering political stand-up.Jonathan Pie is the comedy sensation who satirises the world of politics and the media. A frustrated news journalist best known for venting his spleen in unguarded "off-camera" rants which have garnered him millions of fans worldwide, this satirical character's second live show sees him attacking both sides of the political divide. From the Tories and Trump on the right to the permanently offended PC brigade on the left.Pie's career is in the doldrums. He's fed-up of being "stuck on street corners with a microphone like some sort of News hooker!" But he believes he is destined for greatness and is attempting to get his new TV show, The Jonathan Pie Political Roadshow, commissioned by the BBC by filming a 'non-to-air" pilot. Pie attempts to host a night of serious political discussions about the effects of Tory cuts and Trump's demented tweets but it soon descends into ...
Credited cast:
Tom Walker Tom Walker - Jonathan Pie

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