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A Dog's Instinct (1910) HD online

A Dog's Instinct (1910) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: A Dogu0027s Instinct
Released: 1910
Video type: Movie
Irene Donald is employed at a milliner's, and as usual at midday, her maid sends Fido, the faithful black poodle, to bring her home. On her way home Irene is annoyed by the attentions of a man, and he, angered at her refusal to speak to him, follows her home and notes her address. Irene enters the apartment and sits down to her lunch, but Fido's instinct tells him there is something wrong, and he runs downstairs and follows the stranger, who proceeds to an old hut, where he meets a band of ruffians. The dog sneaks in, hides under the bed and hears the conspiracy. He then proceeds homewards, but is taken by a zealous police officer and locked up at the station house for being at large without a muzzle. Meantime it is time for Irene to go home, but on her way she is waylaid and made prisoner. The dog escapes from his prison, goes to the milliner's and finds Irene has started for home already. He then rushes home, finds Irene has not made her appearance, and signifies to the maid to ...

Released in the US as a split reel along with Isis (1910).

Original French title is undetermined.