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The Ballet Dancer (2018) HD online

The Ballet Dancer (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Adult / Romance
Original Title: The Ballet Dancer
Director: Stills By Alan
Writers: Old Banger,Lucy J
Released: 2018
Duration: 2h 24min
Video type: Creative Work
Cast overview:
Darcie Dolce Darcie Dolce - Client
Cassidy Klein Cassidy Klein - Masseuse
Edyn Blair Edyn Blair - Client
Lyra Law Lyra Law - Masseuse
Riley Nixon Riley Nixon - Actress
Giselle Palmer Giselle Palmer - Masseuse
Brett Rossi Brett Rossi - Former Masseuse
Cadence Lux Cadence Lux - Student

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    Bree Mills never tires of the Oiler genre, even employing two separate units of her Gamma Entertainment porn empire to grind out massage porn vignettes. This one comes under the All Girl Massage banner, pioted by Stills By Alan, and it delivers four winners.

    Title vignette belongs to Darcie Dolce, one of Lesbian Cinema's brightest new figures, cast as a particularly top-heavy ballet artiste given to wearing leg warmers even in the hot clime of Chatsworth, California.

    She goes in for nothing more than a shoulder rub, but foxy masseuse Cassidy Klein has a whole lot more in store for her, pussy and all. This is a highly enjoyable segment and a solid intro to gazing at DD's charms.

    Seduction is the name of the game in every segment, with the oddest probably Edyn Blair's manhandling of Lyra Law. Blair, one of mainstream lesbian porn's few plump ladies, portrays Law's former martial arts instructor, so when they accidentally meet up on LL's massage table, the sweet young blonde is soon pushed around like a sack of potatoes by her black belt redheaded customer. It's a fine study in physical contrasts.

    Blonde beauties predominate in the other scenes: bosomy Brett Rossi teaching client Cadence Lux a thing or two about same-sex in her hands-on manner, and a wonderfully light-hearted "Ride Along" mode as porn's sexiest shaved-head lady Riley Nixon learns how to pretend to be a masseuse for her next big movie assignment from star-struck (and horny) fan-girl Giselle Palmer.