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Attack on Titan Abridged (2013) HD online

Attack on Titan Abridged (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short / Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
Original Title: Attack on Titan Abridged
Director: Curtis Arnott
Writers: Curtis Arnott,Howard Wang
Released: 2013
Duration: 20min
Video type: Movie
Non-official parody of the anime Attack on Titan.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Howard Wang Howard Wang - Eren (voice) (as TehExorcist)
Kimlinh Tran Kimlinh Tran - Mikasa (voice) (as Hnilmik)
Curtis Arnott Curtis Arnott - Armin / Reiner (voice) (as Takahata101)
Ben Creighton Ben Creighton - Grisha (Eren's Father) (voice) (as hbi2k)
Caitlyn Elizabeth Caitlyn Elizabeth - Carla (Eren's Mother) (voice) (as BoobsMcBalrog)
Marc Swint Marc Swint - Hannes (voice)
Sheldon Delano Killer Sheldon Delano Killer - Wall Guard (voice)
Doug Walker Doug Walker - Narrator (voice)
Auralnauts Auralnauts - Food Soldier (voice)
Anthony Sardinha Anthony Sardinha - Shadis (voice) (as Antfish)
Mick Lauer Mick Lauer - Jean (voice) (as RicePirate)
J.M. Gotay J.M. Gotay - Marco (voice) (as Remix)
Jesse Nowack Jesse Nowack - Potato Girl (voice) (as Nowacking)
Martin Billany Martin Billany - Thomas (voice) (as LittleKuriboh)
Jordan Jordan - Connie (voice) (as ShinigamiEater)

Attack on Titan Abridged Episode 1 isn't on any of the TeamFourStar staffs YouTube channels due to copy right issues

Attack on Titan Episode 2 was never finished due to copyright strikes from Japan. Director of Attack on Titan Abridged, Takahata101, was very upset about that and still is.