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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Allu0027s Faire
Video type: TV Series
From the creative team behind "The Burg" and "The All-For-Nots" comes "All's Faire" - the original Renaissance Faire comedy. "If the real world be too much for you to bear... then come on down to the twentieth annual Southeastern Delaware Renaissance Faire!" So goes the commercial. But for the lords, ladies, wenches and minstrels who call the shire home, nothing could be more important than their private realm of fantasy. So when an outside interest threatens to shut the faire down, they will defend it to the death.
Credited cast:
Mandy Bruno Bogue Mandy Bruno Bogue - Melinda Feigenbaum (as Mandy Bruno)
Robert T. Bogue Robert T. Bogue - Sir Robert (2009-2010) (as Robert Bogue)
Maryll Botula Maryll Botula - Ploppy
Brian Cheng Brian Cheng - Donald
Brian Dibonaventure Brian Dibonaventure - Angry Bob (2009-2010)
Kelli Giddish Kelli Giddish - Cindy
Dave Hill Dave Hill - The Professor (2009-2010)
Trevor Jones Trevor Jones - Kent
Letitia Lange Letitia Lange - Princess Cindy (2009-2010)
Bob McClure Bob McClure - Ian
Michael Pemberton Michael Pemberton - King Gary (2009-2010)
Jeff Skowron Jeff Skowron - Pippin
Mike Still Mike Still - Magnus
Joe Thompson Joe Thompson - Ben
Ken Triwush Ken Triwush - Sir Craig the Stout-Hearted