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Los Feliz (2016) HD online

Los Feliz (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Los Feliz
Director: Edgar Honetschläger
Writers: Edgar Honetschläger
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 42min
Video type: Movie
Those who make the pictures rule the world is the proposition to a movie that connects the former center of picture production ROME and the one of today: LOS ANGELES. Like the genesis the feature film LOS FELIZ has a seven-day structure. A young French girl, the devil and a Japanese Shinto goddess take a trip in an old Mercedes Benz from Rome through a painted and drawn America to LA. By means of huge rolling backgrounds (moved by three cardinals) and drawn sets the classic iconography of American road movies will be laid out. LOS FELIZ packs the vastness of the North American continent into a film studio. A fairy tail, both comedy and drama that caricatures the global omnipresence of Western imagery and Hollywood pictures with humor and irony, although it does not forget to make fun of itself, the illusion film and the genre road movie. All paintings end drawings it needed in order to recreate America were done over the period of 3,5 years by DOCUMENTA participant Edgar ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Pauline Acquart Pauline Acquart - Lydia
Yukika Kudo Yukika Kudo - Kaya
Philippe Spall Philippe Spall - The Devil
Antonio Salines Antonio Salines - Cardinal 1
Teco Celio Teco Celio - Cardinal 2
Cosimo Cinieri Cosimo Cinieri - Cardinal 3
Steve Gander Steve Gander - American 1
Kristina Decker Kristina Decker - American 2
Benedikt Uy Benedikt Uy - Drug Dealer
Sean James Sutton Sean James Sutton - Liquor Store Owner
Edward Clarke Edward Clarke - Gas Station Clerk 1
Jonathan Glew Jonathan Glew - Gas Station Clerk 2
Fang Yu Fang Yu - Chinese Waiter / General / Mao
Linsey Thurgar Linsey Thurgar - TV Announcer
Robert Chionis Robert Chionis - Sheriff