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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy
Original Title: Love u0026 War
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
A comedy about a woman running a bar/restaurant in downtown Chicago while maintaining an on-again, off-again romance with an egotistical sports writer. Other comedic elements include the bar's regular patrons, the restaurant's chef, and a neurotic waitress waiting for her husband to get out of prison.
Complete series cast summary:
Jay Thomas Jay Thomas - Jack Stein 67 episodes, 1992-1995
Joanna Gleason Joanna Gleason - Nadine Berkus 67 episodes, 1992-1995
Joel Murray Joel Murray - Ray Litvak 67 episodes, 1992-1995
Michael Nouri Michael Nouri - Kip Zakaris 67 episodes, 1992-1995
Suzie Plakson Suzie Plakson - Meg Tynan 67 episodes, 1992-1995
Charles Robinson Charles Robinson - Abe Johnson 56 episodes, 1992-1995
Annie Potts Annie Potts - Dana Palladino 44 episodes, 1993-1995
Susan Dey Susan Dey - Wallis 'Wally' Porter 23 episodes, 1992-1993

Jay Thomas has stated that this show will never be rerun or released on DVD due to the ongoing feud concerning revenue-sharing between producers Diane English, Joel Shukovsky and CBS president Leslie Moonves.

Susan Dey was fired after the first season because the producers felt that she and Jay Thomas lacked chemistry. Dey was replaced with Annie Potts.

John Hancock died one month after the series premiere. He was replaced with Charles Robinson.

After Candice Bergen and the set of Murphy Brown (1988) made a guest appearance in the Seinfeld (1989) episode Seinfeld: The Keys (1992) - where Kramer (Michael Richards) is hired as an actor to play Murphy's secretary - Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David returned the favor by appearing as themselves on this other sitcom by Murphy Brown creator Diane English, episode New York café: Let's Not Call It Love (1993), where they receive a Seinfeld script written by a Blue Shamrock customer, in which Kramer sleeps with Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). This also echoes Elaine's writing a Murphy Brown script in the above mentioned Seinfeld episode.

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    Nothing personal

    This is one of my favourite shows of all time. I was lucky to get some episodes on tape before it went of the air. This show was created by by the same team who created "Murphy Brown". Jay Thomas who played sleazy Talk Show host Jerry Gold on "Murphy Brown" did so well with his character, winning an Emmy, that he was given his own show. It originally had Susan Dey(Partridge Family/LA Law) in it as Jay Thomas's love interest but she didn't work out well. The second season had Annie Potts(Designing Women) added and this time it worked.

    Jay Thomas plays Jack Stein a major columnist for the Times. He hangs out at the Blue Shamrock bar/restaurant. He falls for the head chef played in Season One by Susan Dey. Things do work out well between them at all and by Season Two she ran off. Annie Potts replaces her as the new chef Dana fresh from Italy where she has been living a free and fun life. This time total opposites Jack and Dana butt heads but fall for each other big time. Just before they were to get married, the show was cancelled by CBS during the Third Season and the writers had her deported her to Italy!

    The BEST thing about this show has always been the wonderful supporting characters. Even in the first season when the leads were wondering around lost in some funk, the supporting actors keep the show together and made it worth watching. John Hancock played the Blue Shamrock owner until he died at the end of season one. So well loved by the cast and crew his picture was placed on the wall behind the bar after his death. The very funny Charlie Robinson(Night Court/Ink) played his son and new owner the following season.

    Joel Murray played lovable Ray the garbage man. The wonderful Joanna Gleason plays Nadine the hostess/nosy busybody. Michael Nouri played Kip a self centered actor who acts as if he's a big star though he is not. Susie Plakson plays Jack's fellow co-worker/buddy. She is my favorite and gives the best zingers.

    If they ever show this in reruns somewhere give it a try. I think you will enjoy it.