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Have Gun - Will Travel The Day of the Bad Man (1957–1963) HD online

Have Gun - Will Travel The Day of the Bad Man (1957–1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: The Day of the Bad Man
Director: Ida Lupino
Writers: Robert E. Thompson,Herb Meadow
Released: 1957–1963
Duration: 26min
Video type: TV Episode
C. Palmer sends for Paladin to clean up Cedar Wells - a place where folks lose at faro, lose their lives and the cattle she tries to sell there. With the help of Laredo Perkins, Paladin hatches an idea of how exactly he can earn his fee.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Richard Boone Richard Boone - Paladin
William Joyce William Joyce - Travis 'Laredo' Perkins
Sue Randall Sue Randall - Ruth - Schoolteacher
Norman Shelly Norman Shelly - Ezra Heath
Eleanor Audley Eleanor Audley - Cynthia Palmer
Harry Fleer Harry Fleer - Bart Reynolds
Don Kelly Don Kelly - Amos Saint (as Don O'Kelly)
Tony Haig Tony Haig - Theodore Thomas
Kelly Thordsen Kelly Thordsen - Ed
Barry Brooks Barry Brooks - Agent
Ollie O'Toole Ollie O'Toole - Cedar Wells Hotel Desk Clerk
Hal Needham Hal Needham - Gandy Dancer
Joe Norden Joe Norden - Mayor
Pamela Raymond Pamela Raymond - Saloon Girl
Stewart East Stewart East - Townsman

The plot owes a lot to Puss in Boots and Taming if the Shrew.

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    William Joyce stars as Travis Perkins, an awkward and gawky teacher from back east who dreams of being a feared gunman, so he calls himself Laredo. Paladin is hired by Cynthia Palmer (Eleanor Audley) to back up the town sheriff and put an end to the violence that's bringing ruin to the town. Paladin devises a way to do so and give Perkins his day in the sun.

    Joyce is pretty god for the role of the awkward and gawky teacher because well, he tends to come off gawky and awkward. He's less convincing in scenes where he's supposed to be a tough gunman, despite the fact he's a big, handsome guy in the Cooper mold. It might have been more convincing if they'd cast someone like a Charles Bronson and a James Colburn and then had them play fumble fingered and awkward instead.

    Sue Randall plays the local schoolmarm that Perkins ends up falling for. She's cute, but the real draw of this comic episode is seeing Boone's portrayal of a drunken, "wild" cowboy, ready to tear up the town. That alone makes this episode worth a look.
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    Palladin works at making a one-day success out of a failed cowboy (William Joyce) who would rather be a teacher.

    An installment like this usually signals series decline. It's a clumsy stab at amusement with an awkward script, a near-burlesque Palladin, and a totally inept Joyce in the pivotal role. A more skilled actor as the wanna-be teacher might have brought a few chuckles, but the whole thing appears stitched together and in some haste. Boone does get to show some comedic ability, but the entry does nothing for the Palladin character. I understand that a 36-entries-per-year series must look for some variety. Nonetheless, a series with a strong central character like Palladin must be careful with the liberties it takes, particularly when attempting comedic overtones. This attempt lacks the care needed and illustrates the hazards of departing too incautiously from a series norm.