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The Sunset Sky (2009) HD online

The Sunset Sky (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: The Sunset Sky
Director: Olivier Bernier
Writers: Olivier Bernier
Released: 2009
Budget: $120,000
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
In a story of human perseverance, Jennifer, who has a complex relationship with her autistic brother, tries abandoning him. When secrets from her past creep up she realizes that she needs him as much as he needs her.
Credited cast:
Caitlin Brown Caitlin Brown - Jennifer
Joel Brady Joel Brady - Charlie
Don Meehan Don Meehan - John
Sal Rendino Sal Rendino - 'Cowboy'
Maureen O'Malley Maureen O'Malley - Mother
Kam Metcalf Kam Metcalf - Margaret
Anthony Kinsman Anthony Kinsman - Young Charlie
Paige Simunovich Paige Simunovich - Young Jennifer
Cynthia Fellowes Cynthia Fellowes - Susan
Richard Flight Richard Flight - Sheriff
Dale Allison Hartley Dale Allison Hartley - Conservative Lady
Timothy Ray West Timothy Ray West - Larry
Jay Schaper Jay Schaper - Rancher 1
David McNaught David McNaught - Rancher 2
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kim Carlson Kim Carlson - Cashier

There are a couple references to the The Wizard of Oz in the early scenes of this movie. In one scene, the main character Jennifer played by Caitlin Brown is braiding her hair as they are leaving Kansas giving her the appearance of Dorothy. If you look closely enough, you can also see Dorothy's red shoes discarded on the side of the yellow (dirt) road.

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    generation of new

    this is a very compelling film about the complex relationship between brother and sister made even more complicated by the brother's severe autism. beautifully filmed, beautifully acted, and enjoyable all around. many of the actors have gone on to have great success, and their passion for this project is palpable through the screen. incorporating themes ranging from illnesses including cancer and autism that are personal to an overwhelming majority of the American population, child, spousal, and sexual abuse, neglect, and most importantly family, this film tugs on the heartstrings, but leaves the viewer feeling uplifted and hopeful.