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Tokyo Ghoul: Root A Ken (2015) HD online

Tokyo Ghoul: Root A Ken (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Ken
Director: Shûhei Morita
Writers: Sui Ishida
Released: 2015
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
Kaneki and Hide are reunited, and the two of them revisit the times they spent together. Kaneki and Touka separately remember the other members of Antieku as they both and the CCG cope with their losses.
Episode credited cast:
Morgan Mabry Morgan Mabry - Kaya Irimi (voice)
Brina Palencia Brina Palencia - Touka Kirishima (voice)
Michelle Rojas Michelle Rojas - Nashiro Yasuhisa (voice)
Austin Tindle Austin Tindle - Ken Kankei (voice)