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Jess (1912) HD online

Jess (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Jess
Director: George Nichols
Writers: H. Rider Haggard,Lloyd Lonergan
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Silas Croft was a kindly old Englishman who had a farm in South Africa. With him resided his two nieces, whom he had taken from their drunken, worthless father when they were of a tender age. Jess, the elder, was brilliant and educated; Bess, the younger was beautiful, but frankly admitted that she did not possess the mental attainments of Jess. The two were great friends, and Jess, although the senior by only three years, had almost a motherly affection for her pretty little sister. Croft, finding old age stealing upon him, advertised for a partner, stipulating that he must be a gentleman. Probably it was his secret idea that the right man might come along, and fall in love with his favorite, beautiful Bessie. Captain John Neil, an English army officer, who had found his income insufficient to support him in his profession, heard of the business opportunity and accepted it. Jess, the unimpressionable, speedily fell in love with him, and her womanly intuition told her that she could ...
Cast overview:
Marguerite Snow Marguerite Snow - Jess
Florence La Badie Florence La Badie - Jess's Sister, Bess
James Cruze James Cruze - Captain John Neil
William Russell William Russell - Frank Muller, the Treacherous Boer
William Garwood William Garwood - The Lawyer
Jean Darnell Jean Darnell - The Doctor's Sister
Harry Marks Harry Marks
Harry Spear Harry Spear

One of seventeen films produced by the Thanhouser Film Company in St. Augustine over a period of six weeks in early 1912.