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Katheyondu Shuruvagide (2018) HD online

Katheyondu Shuruvagide (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Katheyondu Shuruvagide
Director: Senna Hegde
Writers: Senna Hegde
Released: 2018
Duration: 2h 13min
Video type: Movie
A young resort owner, Tarun, is going through a rough time and tries to deal with disappointments, failures, and struggles of his life. In the process of doing so, he strikes up a great bond with a resort guest, Tanya. Will this bond help them to find a new meaning of love and life?


Credited cast:
Diganth Diganth - Tarun Manchale
Pooja Devariya Pooja Devariya - Tanya Mehra
Ashwin Rao Pallaki Ashwin Rao Pallaki - Pedro
Shreya Anchan Shreya Anchan - Swarna
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Noor Asakir Noor Asakir - Band Member
Aruna Balaraj Aruna Balaraj - Radha Murthy
Surya Deva Surya Deva - Band Member
Vinod Divakar Vinod Divakar - Doctor
Babu Hirannaiah Babu Hirannaiah - Shashank Murthy
Mandya Jayaram Mandya Jayaram - Traffic Constable
Nikhita Joshi Nikhita Joshi - Jogging Girl #1
Abhijit Mahesh Abhijit Mahesh - Taneja
Manu Mohan Manu Mohan - Band Member
Shanoo Muralidharan Shanoo Muralidharan - Jogging Girl #3
Deepthi Prasad Deepthi Prasad - Jogging Girl #2

Reviews: [18]

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    This is a well made refreshingly good Kannada movie that has been released recently among some mediocre 'masala blockbusters'. It is a meticulously well woven story telling of 3 love stories from different age groups. It is sprinkled with the right dose of comedy that keeps the movie entertaining in an otherwise slow-paced narrative. The stories are realistic and relatable to an urban audience.

    Diganth's acting as a troubled young man is admirable. Hiranniah & Aruna as the elderly couple have put in a good performance and their acting clearly shows their poise and experience. The others have done their bit quite well.

    Cinematography is generally well done, the young Director seems to have had a good debut. The songs are excellent and they fit the scenes and play in the background in bits - thankfully sparing us the entire songs to the jukebox.

    Overall I give it a 10 - a low budget movie with none of the usual 'masala' ingredients, that easily comes out better than the recent over the top mega budget mediocre Kannada movies.
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    I fairly watch kannada movies but every kannada movie that I watched till now never failed to impress me. Protagonist is having a restaurant in partnership with his uncle and aunty.He left his white collar job for being a robot himself like programmed. We can see three love stories here, each of them is different and refreshing to us. I liked the love story of Pedro more than that of Tarun. There is a small twist awaiting you in the climax. As a viewer Katheyondu Shuruvagide is a decent love story
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    Rich background..nature... smooth story... good conversation...I liked the movie....
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    Loved the movie even though it is a typical storyline. I loved the acting of Diganth who carried the whole movie to its level. I guess no one would be bored watching it.
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    It's very hard to find a good kannada movies, 99% of movies just go flop because of the story , acting and others. This movie literally is stunning and a must watch movie. Best in kannada industry.
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    Amazing movie in a simple and realistic way. Very refreshing & motivating dialogues , the movie has a amazing twist in end and the whole perspective of Mrs Mehra being a widow is changed . The cast Digant & Pooja & other cast have done marvelous job . Hats off to director. Hope there will be see sequel 2 of the movie, interesting to see how the couple manages to go ahead along with the resort
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    Ignore the pace of this movie. It's a beautiful one. Refreshing. As always, loved diganth. Melodious songs. Beautiful scenic views. You are what choices you make in life. Make a choice to watch this one. Once
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    A lovely innocent sweet story. Diganth is fantastic. The girl is lovely too. Watching the movie makes me wanna visit that lovely place!
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    This is a kind of movie for someone who is keen to watch thoughtful content exquisite narration and moments, conversations and actions that people can relate to.This is not for the fast food generation. This is soul food. The story has no conclusions there is no right or wrong there is no climax or end to it. Senna hegde brings to screen beautifully four days of the life of two people who are different circumstances and narrates their emotions subtly. There is a certain subtleness to this storytelling that is endearing and shows the vulnerable soft side to of the protagonists. Lot of attentions to expressions gestures and dialogues. And evey characters persona and outlook towards life unfolds very well. The music is soothing and blends into the story very well. Warrior is the new A R Rehman who has the knack to bring light subtle notes from usual instruments like flute and a base guitar .

    Likes Direction Cinematography Music Acting. All of them excel in their roles

    Dislikes Could've had stronger script. Could've avoided too many side stories and focussed more on the lead roles. Could've done with a bit more subtle
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    "Katheyondu Shuruvaagide" is a contemporary romantic comedy which rarely gets explored in Kannada. The last that I remember on such kind of a narrative was "Ondu Motteya Kathe". Katheyondu, however, is more simplistic and a character-driven narrative with not so strong plot, to support it.

    Senna has his own style of making films. He finds stories about regular normal people and makes it interesting, putting in life and humor around it. This trait was quite evident from his first film 0-41* a docu-drama which unfolds in a small town in northern Kerala. The trait continues with a better budget and a very apt star cast in "Katheyondu" exploring relationships at different thresholds in life. The simple structure of narrative gives a fresh feel to the Kannada film lovers, thanks to the minimal characters and their realistic behavior.

    Beyond the "new to Kannada" tag there are a few interesting points that need to be looked into. The underlying problem a lot of us likely feel with contemporary rom-com movies, is the sheer lack of a strong base which brings out the true essence of the story and its characters. They seem to focus more on alternative plot-lines or moral high-grounds in order to challenge the usual stereotypes. The positive part of this movie is that the alternative plot-lines are again rom-com tracks. This seems like a good strategy of catering to people of all age groups. While it may work well for a certain set of audience it may fall flat for another set due to lack of depth and engagement factor in one or more tracks. Typically romance happens when people get to know each other, catching each other's rhythms, share each other's world views, sacrifice for each other. The viewer has to believe that this character is transforming because of the romance, and both people in the relationship are drawn close to each other. Just like a suspense thriller needs to answer the whodunnit part a romcom needs a happy ending. If one were to look into, the narrative justifies certain aspects and lacks in some. It is easy to have these all ticked if it is a single track or between one pair. Dealing with multiple pairs brings in context switches and a pause resume flow even though the tracks are inter-winded. Many a time things just happen like there is very less establishment of Tarun really falling for Tanya or another way around. The much necessary conflict does not convincingly show up but comes only at the end but again dissolves in a jiffy. The comedy has to come from romance, it has to be integral to the romance plot. The film achieves this in the side tracks but probably could have been written much better. The usage of English illiteracy seemed repetitive wrt character Pedro. Not to mean people won't have a good laugh. They certainly will but obviously, it is at the cost of losing something really magical writing that would have made a great difference.

    People who have watched Rishika Sharma's "Trunk" will notice what natural performances mean. I had mentioned that some of the forthcoming films will have this pattern of subtle performances with lively characters and a natural conversational style. Katheyondhu follows a similar style. Digant was chosen for this role in the scripting stages itself and he fits the bill naturally. Pooja is a surprise find and excels in her performance in many sequences. She can easily be one of the contenders for best debut in Kannada this year. Babu Hirannaiah, Aruna Balraj, Shreya, and Prakash deserve applauds. Ashwin Rao ends up getting a good meaty role. He Shines in a few instances where he manages to bring a laugh but in certain sequences, he looks too artificial. There is a right amount of emotional sequences that bring out the meaning of love, especially in the Middle aged couple. More such moments could have taken the film to another level.

    Technically the film scores merit. This is a visually great looking film with exotic locations, soundscape, and properties. There is a consistency in the visual flow with the right musical notes providing the melancholy. Songs pop up regularly but never came out as a source of disturbance. The slow pace is understood as the film is supposed to carry that feel to make it work. It becomes slow only due to certain sequences which is very low in substance and gets disengaging. This film is recommended for the experience that it gives and solely depends on the watcher on how it gets him or her involved. If this works, it's certainly a great boost for people who have lined up these kinds of narratives.
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    I am so glad its a kannada movie, understanding emotions in one's mother tongue is such a wonderful experience, thanks for that.
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    This movie is a pleasant take on the romantic relationships in life. In the movie, Diganth is a resort owner and Pooja, who will be in a depressed state due to her marital problems, comes to stay at the resort. Diganth begins to spend time with Pooja and tries to cheer her up and forget the past. At the same time there are two different love stories that will charm you - the cute romance between Diganth's uncle, Babu Hirannaiah and aunt Aruna Balaraj and the second one between the resort staffs Shreya and Ashwin. The movie unfolds in a soulful manner with a mix of romance and some mild comedy by Prakash who is another resort staff. The movie captures every emotion beautifully and all the actors have performed brilliantly. The first half could have been better, however the second half is the one which takes the movie forward. The cinematography and music is really amazing and this movie is one of the best soulfully crafted movies of this year!
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    Some movies are meant to be watched alone and in peace. This is one of them...
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    It was sweet movie. Pace was bit slow. Love the cinematography. All actors and actress acted well. Kannada movies are always underrated movies. One time watch.
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    Went with much expectations seeing positive reviews and 8+/10 ratings at lots of places. Disappointed as movie fails to build the plot in 2.5hrs. As a first time director should get credit. Overall OK.
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    The basic genre of the film is Love between Strangers. This sort of story is very common in Hollywood and Indian Films. This movie is among the weaker ones in this genre. Unnecessary songs, poorly developed/ unresolved threads in story, very few characters are the flaws we witness. The attempt at comedy and romance both is weak.
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    Rollers from Abdun

    Looks like story is mixed with couple of movies nothing intersting.
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    The movie was absolutely horrifying.

    1. Characters - 0/10 . Nothing interesting about any of the characters in the movie.

    2. Plot - I wish I could give a negative rating here. What was the movie about? I will have to ask the director, when I go ask for him for a refund. Unnecessary use of English language was such a turn off. Why make a movie with bits and pieces of Kannada and call it a Kannada movie?

    No proper introduction of plot or even the characters.

    The plot begins with an old man ogling at girls who are jogging past him. He and a coconut seller rate every girl who passes by, out of 10.

    How is that even remotely acceptable? Absolutely disgusting.

    3. Resolution / Exit door reaction of the movie - flabbergasted / violated / cheated. The movie did not offer anything positive at all.

    4. Structure, Dialogues and Scenes - Laughable to say the least.

    What a wonderful waste of money and time. Only for the audiences that is. For everyone involved in making this movie, it is just another movie that will buy them an Audi and couple of vacations, at least!