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Fame Street Kid (1982–1987) HD online

Fame Street Kid (1982–1987) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance
Original Title: Street Kid
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writers: Christopher Gore,Marc Rubin
Released: 1982–1987
Duration: 48min
Video type: TV Episode
In Mr. Crandall's acting class, he asks his students to prepare an individual scene in a character most remote from what they see themselves. Doris, the good girl, decides to prepare a characterization of a prostitute and does some first hand research. In acting and speaking with hookers, she meets up with Tracy, a runaway streetwalker her own age. Tracy has a tough exterior, but deep down is wanting a life better than what her current lot has provided. Doris decides to take Tracy under her wing, takes her into her home, and introduces her to life at the School For the Performing Arts. Tracy is mesmerized by the school and thinks she's found what she wants in life. However there are strict regulations for admission, regulations that Lydia in particular wants to bend to at least allow Tracy to audition early seeing as to her personal situation. The teachers do allow her to audition, but they admit that Tracy has to be better than the best to prove that allowing this bend in the rules ...
Episode cast overview:
Debbie Allen Debbie Allen - Lydia Grant
Lee Curreri Lee Curreri - Bruno Martelli
Erica Gimpel Erica Gimpel - Coco Hernandez
Albert Hague Albert Hague - Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky
Carlo Imperato Carlo Imperato - Danny Amatullo
Carol Mayo Jenkins Carol Mayo Jenkins - Elizabeth Sherwood
Valerie Landsburg Valerie Landsburg - Doris Schwartz
P.R. Paul P.R. Paul - Montgomery MacNeil
Gene Anthony Ray Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy Johnson (credit only)
Madlyn Rhue Madlyn Rhue - Mrs. Schwartz
Lori Singer Lori Singer - Julie Miller
Dominique Dunne Dominique Dunne - Tracy
Michael Thoma Michael Thoma - Mr. Crandall
Del Monroe Del Monroe - Detective Dellinger
Monica Pege Monica Pege - Flashily Dressed Woman (as Monica Francis Pegé)