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Fish the Dish Herb (2016– ) HD online

Fish the Dish Herb (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Reality TV
Original Title: Herb
Director: Matt West
Writers: Kathy Doherty,Chris Knight
Released: 2016–
Video type: TV Episode
All chefs love fresh herbs and Chef Spencer Watts is no exception - he has an arsenal of great recipes that marry seafood and aromatic, vibrant and fresh herbs. He starts with an old world Spanish dish, escabeche mackerel, which is a pan-fried mackerel fillet marinated in a cumin-infused vinegar. He tops it with an herb salad and serves it with warm roasted vegetables. He then blankets fresh mackerel fillets in a beautiful and fragrant pistachio herb pesto, adds a light dusting of breadcrumb and cheese and broils the fillets before serving them with a garlic and lemon yogurt sauce and fresh pita bread. Next Spencer highlights delicate and aromatic lemongrass by infusing its perfume into a pot of sake and lemongrass steamed mussels. He then combines them with rice noodles, carrots, peanuts and cilantro for an Asian-inspired salad. He then knocks it out of the park with a family friendly pot of creamy dill mussels with sour cream and chive fries.