» » Mercy Peak Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Maiden (2001–2003)

Mercy Peak Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Maiden (2001–2003) HD online

Mercy Peak Faint Heart Ne'er Won Fair Maiden (2001–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Faint Heart Neu0027er Won Fair Maiden
Director: Ian Mune
Writers: James Griffin,Rachel Lang
Released: 2001–2003
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Amanda and Alastair continue their affair as Amanda fights Kieran for everything he's got. However, Amanda is not pleased that Kieran isn't fighting her back and giving in which causes severe tension in the Macefield home and ends up causing Sascha to go on a drink bender at a party. After Kieran sees what the divorce is doing to his kids he decides to fight and offers her 60/40 of the property and joint custody. Amanda decides to move to Auckland with Taylor and as she prepares to leave she tells Nicky what she thinks of her. As a parting gesture to Kieran she torches his new vineyard and leaves Alastair to wait at their motel room. Elsewhere, Ken asks Dana out on their first date together but it doesn't work out very well as he's called to an emergency rescue of a toddler and subsequent tries at dates always end with an emergency.
Episode credited cast:
Sara Wiseman Sara Wiseman - Dr. Nicky Sommerville
Jeffrey Thomas Jeffrey Thomas - William Kingsley
Craig Parker Craig Parker - Alistair Kingsley
Alison Bruce Alison Bruce - Louise Duval
Timothy Balme Timothy Balme - Ken Wilder (as Tim Balme)
Tamati Rice Tamati Rice - Cliff Tairoa (as Tamati Te Nohotu)
Renato Bartolomei Renato Bartolomei - Kieran Masefield
Miriama Smith Miriama Smith - Dana McNichol
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Johnny Barker Johnny Barker - Matt
Dwayne Cameron Dwayne Cameron - Gus Van der Velter
Mark Clare Mark Clare - Gil Crouch
Mary De Koster-Gaelic Mary De Koster-Gaelic - Nora Belcher
Chloe Gordon Chloe Gordon - Sascha Masefield
Tim Hemi Tim Hemi - Nigel
Steven Moore Steven Moore - Wayne Lusk