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Home and Away Episode #1.6148 (1988– ) HD online

Home and Away Episode #1.6148 (1988– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.6148
Director: Geoffrey Nottage
Writers: Holly Lyons,Hannah Carroll Chapman
Released: 1988–
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Maddy is happy and relaxed in her new relationship with Oscar, but frustratingly he seems to be having difficulty seeing the girl of his dreams instead of a girl with cancer. Alf manages to convince him to take her on a date, but when she gets a nose bleed he goes back to mollycoddling her. The MacGuires are almost absurdly helpless without Andy, showing how dependent Hannah has become on him, and Denny and Nate suggest she go back to hospital before Andy turns up wanting to talk to her. Ricky is blaming Ash for Brax's stupidity in making himself look like a murderer, and when the police try and blame him too Brax declares that he killed Dean alone. But it only takes a few seconds in a prison cell to reduce him to a blubbering heap.
Episode cast overview:
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Georgie Parker Georgie Parker - Roo Stewart
Stephen Peacocke Stephen Peacocke - Darryl Braxton
Nic Westaway Nic Westaway - Kyle Braxton
Kassandra Clementi Kassandra Clementi - Maddy Osborne
Bonnie Sveen Bonnie Sveen - Ricky Sharpe
Cassie Howarth Cassie Howarth - Hannah Wilson
Jake Speer Jake Speer - Oscar MacGuire
Kyle Pryor Kyle Pryor - Nate Cooper
Tai Hara Tai Hara - Andy Barrett
Jessica Grace Smith Jessica Grace Smith - Denny Miller
George Mason George Mason - Martin Ashford
David Roberts David Roberts - Judge Menzies (voice)
Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi - Neal Stevenson

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    So Brax goes to jail, after falling on his sword to protect Ash. Thankfully this plot line isn't given any more attention than it deserves, and again Kyle gets the best scene.Meanwhile, we get an OTT scene of Brax in a sobbing heap to try and provide emotional impact.

    Hannah's storyline is presumably meant to prove Andy's devotion but instead feels like he's done a good job and made her dependent on him. Hannah isn't even particularly likable, with her blunt rejection of Nate after he's helped her.

    There are some sweet moments between Maddy and Oscar but Oscar's determination to sabotage the relationship he's wanted for months is massively frustrating, and after planning the perfect date too.Roo is a bit too overbearing but Alf is brilliant as the one who treats Maddy like normal.