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Steins;Gate (2009) HD online

Steins;Gate (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Steins;Gate
Writers: Naotaka Hayashi,Vio Shimokura
Released: 2009
Video type: Video Game
Steins;Gate is a story about time travel and the consequences of it's misuse. The protagonist is a man named Okabe Rintarou, a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" who goes by the name of Hououin Kyouma. He is about to attend a lecture from a man proclaiming to have discovered the secrets of time travel, Rintarou then challenges his theorem by claiming a man named "John Titor" has beaten him to it. He is taken away from the lecture by a strange girl named Makise Kurisu who asks him about a previous conversation they had not too long ago, but Rintarou has no idea who this girl is and leaves her - only to find out that shortly after his departure she has been stabbed to death. Perplexed by these recent events, Rintarou sends a message to a friend named Itaru concerning Kurisu's murder. As he clicks the "send message button" he is unconsciously thrown back in time a few hours, but somehow can still remember what had just happened later on in that day. Dumbfounded by this experience, he begins...
Cast overview:
Mamoru Miyano Mamoru Miyano - Rintaro Okabe
Asami Imai Asami Imai - Kurisu Makise
Kana Hanazawa Kana Hanazawa - Mayuri Shiina
Tomokazu Seki Tomokazu Seki - Itaru Hashida
Yukari Tamura Yukari Tamura - Suzuha Amane
Yû Kobayashi Yû Kobayashi - Ruka Urushibara
Haruko Momoi Haruko Momoi - Faris
Saori Gotô Saori Gotô - Moeka Kiryuu
Masaki Terasoma Masaki Terasoma - Yuugo Tennouji
Ayano Yamamoto Ayano Yamamoto - Nae Tennouji
Mitsuru Ogata Mitsuru Ogata - Dr. Nakabachi