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G2G: Got to Go!  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Comedy / Family
Original Title: G2G: Got to Go!
Budget: CAD 3,077,442
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Series
Credited cast:
Esther Maloney Esther Maloney - Maddie (voice)
Pina Crispo Pina Crispo - Saffron (voice)
Ann Pirvu Ann Pirvu - Rainbow (voice)
C.J. Sharpe C.J. Sharpe - Leet (voice)
Justin Richardson Justin Richardson - Stinky (voice)
Jack Troughton Jack Troughton - Ace (voice)
Lesley Livingston Lesley Livingston - Mandii (voice)
Bob Onyskiw Bob Onyskiw - Mac (voice)
Lorna Wright Lorna Wright - Ms. Dickenson (voice)
Paul Stafford Paul Stafford - Mr. Hardacre / - (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Neil Babcock Neil Babcock - Mitch
Alison Deon Alison Deon - Syd (voice)
Jordan Gavaris Jordan Gavaris - Barry (voice)
Gary Gerbrandt Gary Gerbrandt - Trav / - (voice)

Composer Christopher Elves played the part of Maddie's dog Amelia.

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    This series is an enjoyable preteen cartoon series. Mainly for girls, it focuses on issues often confronting young preteen girls.

    The main character of the series is Maddie, who writes for an advice column under the alias of Miss Communication. Her two best friends, Saffron and Rainbow, along with the rest of her class are unaware of her identity.

    The characters are interesting and the show's episodes have good plots with great themes. Much better than some of the fluff series put out for young girls today.

    Recommended for young girls but can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a good cartoon series.