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Martin Kane, Private Eye The Milk Bottle Burglar (1949–1954) HD online

Martin Kane, Private Eye The Milk Bottle Burglar (1949–1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: The Milk Bottle Burglar
Director: Edgar C. Kahn
Writers: William L. Stuart
Released: 1949–1954
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Major Clements asks Kane for his professional opinion on a device the retired army officer has created to trap the person stealing milk bottles from in front of his door. Kane is impressed; the device works - only it results in the Major witnessing the murder of a small-time card dealer by a gambling syndicate's goon.
Episode cast overview:
King Calder King Calder - Lieut. Gray
Raymond Bramley Raymond Bramley - Major Clements
Robert H. Harris Robert H. Harris - Harry Doran
Donald Briggs Donald Briggs - Joe Mann (as Don Briggs)
Elaine Joyce Elaine Joyce - Peggy Clements
James Kelly James Kelly - Milkman (as Jim Kelly)
Lewis Charles Lewis Charles - Frankie West
James Nolan James Nolan - Detective Moore
Robert Ludlum Robert Ludlum - Patrolman
William Flatley William Flatley - Danny
Gerald Milton Gerald Milton - Fats Cooper
Fred Uttal Fred Uttal - Himself - Announcer
Don Morrow Don Morrow - Himself - Speaking for Sano Cigarettes
Mark Stevens Mark Stevens - Martin Kane

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    Mark 'Martin Kane' Stevens is asked by retired army major Raymond Bramley to check out his milk bottle alarm. Someone has been stealing Bramley's milk bottle every morning and he's determined to catch the thief. Stevens humors the major and agrees it should work. And it does, the next morning the alarm goes off and the major catches the thief, as well as someone else who shoots and kills the thief! Bramley's daughter Elaine Joyce goes searching for the major, and comes across the thief's body. The police, led by King Calder, as well as Stevens now have 2 cases on their hand, a murder and the major who went missing...

    Another quick-paced episode in this entertaining detective series. Stevens ('The Dark Corner') was the 4th Kane, and a great one. He makes a nice team with Calder ('Time Table', starring and directed by Stevens) and they are given good support from the rest of the cast. Which includes Bourne author Robert Ludlum in a non-speaking part, in his only screen/TV credit! Due to the half hour time slot, as well as the sponsored cigarette commercials that crop up in every episode, there is no time for red herrings and big twists and such. So it's all pretty straight-forward. But it's well-made, and despite the poor quality of most existing episodes that are online, I can recommend the series, with this episode being one of the grittier ones. 7/10