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The Cowboy Guardians (1912) HD online

The Cowboy Guardians (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: The Cowboy Guardians
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
A pioneer caravan is attacked by Indians, who greatly outnumber the pale faces. The whole party are massacred, with the exception of a year-and-one-half old baby, who being hidden by its mother, escapes detection. Whitey is a big, bashful cowpuncher, who secretly worships at the shrine of the only eligible woman in camp, a buxom widow. She, in her turn, has made up her mind to overcome Whitey's bashfulness. Whitey is among the cowboys who find the baby. They take it back to camp and resolve to adopt it. The experiment is not altogether successful, for all the boys want to monopolize the babe's attention. They draw lots as to who shall be the child's father and Whitey wins. So far so good, but the other boys come to the conclusion that the baby should have a mother, and they bring the widow and Whitey together and congratulate themselves upon a marvelous stroke of diplomacy. The marriage takes place and all is merry as a marriage bell, when the smiling babe is placed in Mrs. Whitey's ...
Cast overview:
Charles Inslee Charles Inslee - Whitey
Sylvia Ashton Sylvia Ashton - The Widow
Baby Hargraves Baby Hargraves - The Baby
Wallace Reid Wallace Reid