» » Госпожа Фазилет и ее дочери Abim Benim (2017–2018)

Госпожа Фазилет и ее дочери Abim Benim (2017–2018) HD online

Госпожа Фазилет и ее дочери Abim Benim (2017–2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Abim Benim
Director: Gökçen Usta,Alptekin Bozkurt
Writers: Sirma Yanik
Released: 2017–2018
Duration: 2h 20min
Video type: TV Episode
While the argument between Kerime and Hazan bring Sinan face to face with the darkest truth of his life, Fazilet has hunted down the biggest weakness of Yasemin's life. Sinan who is living through the biggest shock of his life and is full of anger, is acting totally crazy and is also like a ticking time bomb, and no one can control him. Sinan is also determined to have a showdown with Hazim, which ultimately turns into the beginning of total chaos. Yagiz who notices the tension and stress between Sinan and Hazan is very concerned for his brother. As Hazan is being extremely cautious in order to insure that Sinan does not cause Yagiz to become suspicious, Yagiz is trying to unravel Kerime's knot, and trying to figure out what is wrong with his brother who has hit rock bottom. Yasemin has now fallen into Fazilet's hands, while looking for new allies, and not being able to enjoy the drunkenness of victory Fazilet is now very concerned about Ece. The ice that has started to melt between ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Nazan Kesal Nazan Kesal - Fazilet Çamkiran
Deniz Baysal Deniz Baysal - Hazan Çamkiran
Caglar Ertugrul Caglar Ertugrul - Yagiz Egemen
Mahir Günsiray Mahir Günsiray - Hazim Egemen
Tolga Güleç Tolga Güleç - Gökhan Egemen
Hazal Türesan Hazal Türesan - Yasemin Egemen
Afra Saraçoglu Afra Saraçoglu - Ece Egemen
Alp Navruz Alp Navruz - Sinan Egemen
Idris Nebi Taskan Idris Nebi Taskan - Yasin
Ecem Baltaci Ecem Baltaci - Selin Egemen
Demet Genç Demet Genç - Binnaz
Tugba Melis Türk Tugba Melis Türk - Nil
Türkan Kiliç Türkan Kiliç - Kerime Yildiz
Sevinç Erol Sevinç Erol - Sükriye
Dila Eslem Solak Dila Eslem Solak - Esma