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Suspense Red Rook, White King... Black Cat (2014– ) HD online

Suspense Red Rook, White King... Black Cat (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Horror
Original Title: Red Rook, White King... Black Cat
Director: John C. Alsedek
Writers: John C. Alsedek,Dana Perry-Hayes
Released: 2014–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
A priceless pair of emeralds are the key to warming U.S./Hungarian relations during the Cold War, but cat burglar/burlesque star Kitty Divine has them in her sights...
Episode credited cast:
Talon Beeson Talon Beeson - Alexander Meszaros
Ron Bottitta Ron Bottitta - Gintautas Umaras
David W. Collins David W. Collins - Stephen Meszaros
Susan Eisenberg Susan Eisenberg - Elena Meszaros
Steve Moulton Steve Moulton - Edgars
Dana Perry-Hayes Dana Perry-Hayes - Julie Marsden
Adrienne Wilkinson Adrienne Wilkinson - Kitty Divine

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    The idea of an anthology series is to have a completely different story every episode. However, it looks like the folks at SUSPENSE are planning to do a couple of shows featuring the same character- burlesque star/cat burglar Kitty Divine. And if the first one is an example of what we can look forward to, that's a very good thing. Adrienne Wilkinson absolutely sparkles as the seductive, cunning, playful Kitty, seamlessly slipping between the various facets of her character. She's supported by a first-rate cast, including David Collins (as a sleazy heir), Susan Eisenberg, Ron Bottitta, and Talon Beeson. They all work well in a Cold War plot involving twin emeralds and who's interested in them...