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The Order of Three (2015) HD online

The Order of Three (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: The Order of Three
Director: Sophia Mendez
Writers: Sophia Mendez
Released: 2015
Budget: $235,000
Duration: 1h 43min
Video type: Movie
What happens when the three best of childhood friends grow up and suddenly two of them have feelings for the same friend. Can a life long friendship endure the growing pressures of maturity?
Cast overview:
Lisa Brentworth Lisa Brentworth - Linda
Tim David Russell Tim David Russell - Alex
Cassie Saker Cassie Saker - Mel
Marc Shelley Marc Shelley - Todd
Michelle Shuthe Michelle Shuthe - Jess

Reviews: [4]

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this film. The story was well conceived. I thought the film maker crafted this story well and the over all production value was very professional. The cast worked well together with some real on screen chemistry between the leads. There are some unexpected plot twists which make you think about your own life, which is always nice.
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    I enjoyed this title. It was moving and well cast. The chemistry between the actors was at the fore front of the film, but this is a character driven story. The scenery was magnificent and the film quality was excellent (4k). All in all, I felt drawn in to the individual stories that inter-wind, from the first few minutes. When it comes back to Netflix, I think it is worth checking out.
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    I was impressed with the film over all. It was well written, well shot, well directed and well cast. The story is touching and is designed to make you think about choices we face in our own lives. The director is keen on telling the story. The lead characters develop a chemistry from the beginning and sustain it through out. I enjoyed the film and suggest seeing it when able.
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    Definitely a sleeper hit. Catch this film on Netflix if you can. A touching story with some unexpected turns. The production value was exceptional for an independent film with a smaller budget. The locations played well with the story and the film quality (4k) couldn't have been better. I originally saw the film to see the performance of one of it's leads who we were considering casting in a production we were gearing up to do. The film was cast well, with some well played dramatic performances by the leads, including one we had cast in one of our recent films. Glad to have seen it.