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Dhh (2017) HD online

Dhh (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Family
Original Title: Dhh
Director: Manish Saini
Writers: Ninad Parikh,Manish Saini
Released: 2017
Budget: INR 30,000,000
Duration: 2h 8min
Video type: Movie
Dhh is a heartwarming story of 3 friends (Gungun, Bajrang and Vakil) and their journey towards realising their true potential. An afternoon of sauntering leads them to a magic show and leaves them awestruck. Magic, it seems is a solution for all their problems including mathematics. The boys write to the Magician asking him for a trick to ace their examinations. Days go by and times get tougher with punishments at school and warnings at home. All hope is lost, but one fine day the Magician replies. His letter arrives with a parcel that claims to hold the key to cracking their examinations. Can this be true? In pursuit of learning from magic Gungun and his friends soon realise, that there is a lot more learning to be done from life itself.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah - Magician
Kahaan Kahaan - Gungun
Karan Patel Karan Patel - Kapil
Kuldeep Sodha Kuldeep Sodha - Bajrang
Khush Tahilramani Khush Tahilramani - Dinesh
Archan Trivedi Archan Trivedi - Grandfather,Dada
Krunal Pandit Krunal Pandit - Gungun's Father
Brijendra Kala Brijendra Kala - Hindi Teacher
Prapti Mehta Prapti Mehta - Guddu
Sunil Vishrani Sunil Vishrani - Maths Teacher
Amit Divatia Amit Divatia - Headmaster
Mehr Mahajan Mehr Mahajan - Assistant to magician
Mahesh Vaidya Mahesh Vaidya - Dada's Friend
Prashant Barot Prashant Barot - Teacher
Himalaya Sharma Himalaya Sharma - Kapil's father