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Repo Men: Stealing for a Living  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series
Original Title: Repo Men: Stealing for a Living
Video type: TV Series
Series cast summary:
Seth Rose Seth Rose - Himself 1 episode, 2002
Max Hardberger Max Hardberger - Himself - Repo Adventurer 1 episode, 2004
Vincent Pastore Vincent Pastore - Himself - Host 1 episode, 2004

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    Vince Pastore aka "Big Pussy" from HBO's The Sopranos hosts this show on TLC showing you what happens when you don't pay up. Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime, Repo Men and Women are America's most highly paid legalized and licensed thieves. If your monthly car or truck or boat payment is due and you have been blatantly late on the payments you might as well kiss it all goodbye as it has been officially repossessed.

    During this series hearts are broken and unpaid vehicles of all shapes and sizes are reclaimed for banks. Vince Pastore is a naturally fit host for this show. When invited Vince has ridden shotgun in reclaimed cars and trucks. Every time a boat is repossessed and Vince is invited he always plays up to the demise of his character Big Pussy. I think it is funny how he always gets so faked out nervous around boats on the show.

    This show is now in it's third season and could go for four if the ratings keep up. Check your local cable company or satellite provider for details.