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Soul Mother (2018) HD online

Soul Mother (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Soul Mother
Director: Catherine Stepien
Writers: Catherine Stepien
Released: 2018
Budget: £500
Duration: 18min
Video type: Movie
What price are we willing to pay to feel alive? When grieving mother Belle hits rock bottom, the mysterious Ivy comes into her life and seems to offer her a solution, a chance to be reborn and start afresh. She offers Belle a unique service, an ancient tradition that has the power to transform lives. But at what cost? Soul Mother is a powerful story of grief and new beginnings that dares to ask the question: how close must we get to death in order to truly appreciate life?
Credited cast:
Katie Eleanor Dawson Katie Eleanor Dawson - Barbara
Christopher Evans Christopher Evans - Coffin Man
Danielle Parton Danielle Parton - Belle
Julie Root Julie Root - Ivy