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Tulipani: Liefde, eer en een fiets (2017) HD online

Tulipani: Liefde, eer en een fiets (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Tulipani: Liefde, eer en een fiets
Director: Mike van Diem
Writers: Peter van Wijk,Mike van Diem
Released: 2017
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
TULIPANI tells the story of a romantic Dutch farmer named Gauke (Gijs Naber) who after losing his farm during the floods of 1953 is determined to never ever have wet socks again. He cycles to the sizzling hot south of Italy to start a new life and ends up at the outskirts of a small village in Puglia. Due to his fairylike and miraculous tulip trade, his passionate love-life and his turbulent scuffles with the dubious local business practices, he becomes a living legend - to then suddenly disappear. Thirty years later, an Italian police inspector (Giancarlo Giannini) attempts to unravel the story, but struggles to distinguish fact from fiction. With the help of the young Canadian Anna (Ksenia Solo) he discovers what truly happened.


Credited cast:
Ksenia Solo Ksenia Solo - Anna
Giancarlo Giannini Giancarlo Giannini - Catarella
Gijs Naber Gijs Naber - Gauke
Donatella Finocchiaro Donatella Finocchiaro - Chiara
Lidia Vitale Lidia Vitale - Immacolata
Giorgio Pasotti Giorgio Pasotti - Piero
Anneke Sluiters Anneke Sluiters - Ria
Michele Venitucci Michele Venitucci - Vito
Peter Schindelhauer Peter Schindelhauer - SSE driver
Gianni Pezzolla Gianni Pezzolla - Young Vito
Flavio Albanese Flavio Albanese - Doctor
Ippolito Chiariello Ippolito Chiariello - Cobbler
Pietro Naglieri Pietro Naglieri - Gangster #1
Rita Montes Rita Montes - Chiara Old
Dino Paradiso Dino Paradiso - MAN

Dutch Oscarwinner Marleen Gorris (Antonia' s Line) was supposed to direct this movie. Due to illness she was replaced by another Dutch Oscar director Mike van Diem (Character).

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    Gauke, a farmer from Holland, dreams of a better life. Following a timewarped bike ride across Europe, he literally lands in a tiny village that has the one trait he desires - no chance of flooding. A series of triumphs and tragedies follow in the most beautiful of settings and ultimately we discover that life is what we make it - raw, real, romantic and not always how we planned.

    I am a little bit in love with this film, it is all the things I look for in a movie. An intriguing story, interestingly told. Gorgeous settings shown in their natural state. Characters that are just odd enough to inhabit your own memories of friends and relatives past, but fleshed-out enough to be believable. A lovely score, authentic costumes and splashes of colour. A wonderful, down-to-earth sense of humour that is sublime without being ridiculous and just a touch of whimsy and fantasy.

    I am not a seeker of subtitled films, but I don't shy away from them either. The multiple perspectives serve to explain the story well, and the subtitles never become confusing or repetitive. This would be a great film to rid yourself of a fear of subtitles. Reminds me a lot of the 1991 film Mediterraneo.
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    Tulipani is a movie full of surprises,that follow each other in a fast sequence and leave no time to reflect. But reflection is not needed because the story is to passionate to think about it. One has to undergo it. Italian drama, together with the well known Dutch straightness, makes a wonderful combination. Over the top, of course, but still convincing. Real life events are surprisingly combined with fairytale like elements. The drama changes into humor and vice verse. The storyline is ingeniously put in a funny framework. It's fresh and smart, funny and tender.. A great movie for parents with older kids, or in my situation, a young adult. Somehow my son of 19 years old got IN the story too..(and that's a huge compliment!)
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    A burnt booty and pending murder charges do not deter Anna from smiling as she tells the story of the circumstances that led to her curious predicament. Following the dying wish of her mother, Anna carries her ashes to a tiny Italian town. Once in town Anna is shocked to discover people who not only recognize her, but who reveal intricate and surprising details about her life and family that she was never told. She learns about how her mother and father met, that her father came to Italy on a bicycle from Holland and astonishing secrets of her past involving tulips, mobsters, settling old scores and romance. In the process a town discovers the value of immigrants and immigrants discover the value of a new town. However, the murder charges are still pending.

    This charming and enthralling film reveals the importance of stories, love, immigrants, travel and confronting evil. There are unexpected twists and turns, frequent flashbacks, colorful scenes, exquisite performances and intriguing shifts in perspective. The film encourages people to believe in love at first sight and help those in need. It provides lessons in the power of love and what it can accomplish for good or ill. Settings include Montreal, Holland and Italy. There are some fantastic and emotional scenes. While some of the scenes and actors are a little rough around the edges, there are no major faults to find. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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    To tell a tall tale, the Italians speak loudly, with much exaggeration, and accompany themselves eagerly with fast moving hands. Subtlety is not on the menu.

    A rather wild and wooly story, "Tulipani" is told from several points in time, which proves a tad confusing at first, but soon enough, once the audience is priorly strapped in, congeals into a starchy, pasta water whole. We start in Canada, travel back to Holland, but everything really happens in a small Italian town. Locales and languages shift on a slippery dime, which adds to the fun craziness of this engrossing fairy tale of true romance.

    Gauke, a stoic, heroic Dutch man's man winds up bringing much more than just tulips to a folksy village in desperate need of saving. The loopy plot unfolds from the very colourful memory of the local tavern owner, which takes it into a foggy, grey area. Who knows how things actually went down, but it sure is fun when guided by an old fashioned, wide-eyed story teller.

    Over the top? Entertaining? Whimsical? Cliched? Silly? Big-hearted? Unbelievable? You betcha.