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Violetas imperiales (1952) HD online

Violetas imperiales (1952) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Musical
Original Title: Violetas imperiales
Director: Richard Pottier
Writers: Henry Roussel,Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon
Released: 1952
Duration: 1h 34min
Video type: Movie
Violeta, an Andalusian gypsy, foretells a lady she will become empress. The lady is Eugenia de Montijo, and when she marries emperor Luis Napoleón of France she takes the young girl with her. The empress'cousin readily makes her his focus of attention, then she discovers a criminal attempt against the empress. Musical color version of a story previously played by Raquel Meller.
Complete credited cast:
Luis Mariano Luis Mariano - Juan de Ayala
Carmen Sevilla Carmen Sevilla - Violetta
Simone Valère Simone Valère - Eugénie de Montijo
Marie Sabouret Marie Sabouret - Mme. de Pierrefeu (as Marie Sabouret de la Comédie Française)
Colette Régis Colette Régis - Mme de Montijo
Louis Arbessier Louis Arbessier - Napoléon III
Micheline Francey Micheline Francey - Clotilde
María Riquelme María Riquelme - Anaïs
Véra Norman Véra Norman - Mirette
Raymond Girard Raymond Girard - Prosper Mérimée (as Raymond-Girard)

This film is a remake of two versions,one silent and one "talkie" starring Raquel Meller as Violeta. However on this remake the male character was enhanced to feature the singing talents of tenor Luis Mariano.

Visa de Contrôle Cinématographique N° 12.863.

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    A filmed operetta with the usual suspects Luis Mariano and Carmen Sevilla.

    Violetta (Sevilla) is a modest Spanish singer who meets future Empress Eugenie de Montijo .A fortune teller reveals to Eugenie she will be "more than a queen" .A couple of years later,Eugenie marries Napoleon the Third and calls Violetta to be her lady -in -waiting.In Paris ,she falls in love with Eugénie's cousin (Mariano) but he would marry only a lady of high birth.Fortunately there are conspirators in France and Eugenie is in jeopardy.And of course Violetta would give her life for her sovereign.

    Forget French history,and if you like operettas ,you will enjoy stuff like this.If you don't ,rent "Woodstock" or "Gimme Shelter" instead.
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    Violeta, a gipsy girl, reads Eugenia de Montijo's hand and foretells that she will become an empress. When Eugenia marries Napoleon she calls the girl to the court. Both in Granada and in Paris, Violeta must suffer the attentions of Juan (Eugenia's cousin) who has fallen in love with her and wants to set her up as his mistress. The movie is a musical and Carmen Sevilla has a beautiful voice. I only wish something have been done about the male singer; his voice grates on my nerves.