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Forgotten Coast (2008) HD online

Forgotten Coast (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary
Original Title: Forgotten Coast
Director: Jamie Christensen Johnston
Released: 2008
Duration: 54min
Video type: Creative Work
Forgotten Coast explores the surprising economic effects that Hurricane Katrina is having on the Gulf Coast region of Alabama and Mississippi due to the devastating effects of the storm. The Mississippi Coast, with a majority of its houses and businesses gone, has become a clean slate. This has allowed developers to quickly enter the area and reshape the climate and culture. Coastal Mississippi is awash in economic development and reconstruction, while areas of coastal Alabama are struggling just to keep their main industry from dying. What is the ultimate cost to the locals of this region? This is a documentary about the people who have struggled to reconstruct their lives while holding on to their rapidly changing culture along the Forgotten Coast.
Cast overview:
Eddie Favre Eddie Favre - Himself