» » Rote Rosen Testament als Liebesbeweis (2006– )

Rote Rosen Testament als Liebesbeweis (2006– ) HD online

Rote Rosen Testament als Liebesbeweis (2006– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: Testament als Liebesbeweis
Director: Christoph Klünker,Matthias Reischel
Writers: Marina Heib,Barbara Kröger
Released: 2006–
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Nadine Hellebaum informs Nora that the new witness protection program starts for her and Edda within one or two weeks. Edda tells them Arthur doesn't want to lose her and Nora. But Nadine's organization sees no other option. Arthur wants to make his will and asks Torben to arrange this. Nora and Edda will inherit his belongings in the case he dies. But Torben has to bear in mind that both will live elsewhere under a new name. Torben asks Nadine after the new names. Nora hears via Nadine about Arthur's plan and talks with Carla about it. Inge needs a place to store her belongings when she stays a long time in Costa Rica. Erika advises her to throw away what she doesn't need to save storage costs. Inge asks Erika to help her. Udo finds a letter to Erika between the belongings. Eliane tells Henri about the action Thomas started to open the grill wagon again. Carla realizes it's better to talk with Henri for a restart of the project. Volker thinks he never gets out of prison but Merle ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Anne Moll Anne Moll - Nora Franke
Oliver Sauer Oliver Sauer - Lasse Petersen (credit only)
Maria Fuchs Maria Fuchs - Carla Saravakos
Leonie Landa Leonie Landa - Edda Franke
Gregory B. Waldis Gregory B. Waldis - Volker Carstens
Brigitte Antonius Brigitte Antonius - Johanna Jansen (credit only)
Gerry Hungbauer Gerry Hungbauer - Thomas Jansen
Hermann Toelcke Hermann Toelcke - Gunter Flickenschild
Joachim Kretzer Joachim Kretzer - Torben Lichtenhagen
Anja Franke Anja Franke - Merle Vanlohen
Madeleine Lierck Madeleine Lierck - Erika Rose (as Madeleine Lierck-Wien)
Claus Dieter Clausnitzer Claus Dieter Clausnitzer - Hannes Lüder
Jelena Mitschke Jelena Mitschke - Britta Berger (credit only)
Hakim-Michael Meziani Hakim-Michael Meziani - Ben Berger (credit only)
Samantha Viana Samantha Viana - Eliane Da Silva