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Nova America's Stone Age Explorers (1974– ) HD online

Nova America's Stone Age Explorers (1974– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary / Biography
Original Title: Americau0027s Stone Age Explorers
Director: Mark Davies,Gary Glassman
Writers: Gary Glassman,Nigel Levy
Released: 1974–
Duration: 54min
Video type: TV Episode
More than 2,000 years ago, the thriving city of Petra rose up in the bone-dry desert of what is now Jordan. An oasis of culture and abundance, the city was built by wealthy merchants who carved spectacular temple-tombs into its cliffs, raised a monumental Great Temple and devised an ingenious system that channeled water to vineyards, bathhouses, fountains and pools. But following a catastrophic earthquake and a slump in its desert trade routes, Petra's unique culture faded and was lost to most of the world for nearly 1,000 years. Now, in a daring experiment, an archaeologist and sculptors team up to carve an iconic temple-tomb to find out how the ancient people of Petra built their city of stone.
Episode credited cast:
Robert Krulwich Robert Krulwich - Himself
Peter Thomas Peter Thomas - Narrator (voice)